Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baca's Mailbag, Dec 6

How likely do you think it is that some sponsors (Kee) will go through with their rumored threats to pull out of the NPPL?
The easy button answer is not very. And that's because any hard line change would be a break with history and past practices and I'm disinclined to believe it until I see it. And yet I keep hearing nattering about a mostly united front blah blah blah. So it's hard to know--but fortunately it's easy to speculate and there are a few possible scenarios to consider--if in fact most of the major industry players follow through one way or another. On one hand the big industry sponsors could simply discontinue their support and not show up. On the other they could conceivably take a more active hand in where their sponsored teams play, or don't play. In the second scenario the issue isn't what Joe Divisional Team does but what the Pro teams do and more to the point the high profile anchor pro teams like Dynasty or Infamous. Established teams with established reputations validate the entire division with their presence and if they're not there it changes the general perception of their worthiness (for lack of a better word) to self-identify as pro. (Which is why the Millennium kids have a chip on their collective shoulders and need first tier Russians and/or U.S. team(s) competing in the CPL. It both defines and assures their status.) The follow-up question is does devaluing the Pro division erode interest and divisional player participation--if the end goal is to see the league call it quits.
The other option of simply no longer sponsoring the league does a couple of things; it saves the industry some money (some of which ended up in the league's pockets) and it complicates things for the sponsored teams of those companies without going so far as to forbid them to play. Of course it also complicates things for the companies if they aren't present to support their products for their flagship teams, etc.
A simpler solution would be stick a fork in Pev and watch all the hot air escape. And accept the inescapable conclusion that Chuck is an empty wetsuit and a surf board, paintball's answer to the Peter Principle, and just ignore him. At which point the NPPL becomes Bart & the Volunteers and if they want to play 7-man God bless them everyone.
EDIT: Haha! It turns out they don't want to play 7-man after all.


Don Saavedra said...

Now might be the best time for a move like this since there aren't any magazines left to tell the story.

Mike said...

"Bart + the volunteers"

Hilarious. The dude loves paintball!

Reiner Schafer said...

The answer to this question, among others may just have gotten a little more complicated with the latest NPPL format announcements.

The rising of the dead, or the last nail in the coffin?

This stuff is so interesting to watch from the sidelines. Must be a bit of a nuisance,if not downright frustrating if you are heavily invested.

Baca Loco said...

Depends on what you mean by invested, Reiner. Also, there isn't enough information available yet.
NPPL gonna be all things to everybody but what does it really mean? What will the new prelims look like? How does the rest of the tourney proceed? What are the prices gonna be?

What it does mean is the NPPL has declared war on the rest of the tournament world.

Mark said...

If they had just one billionth of a sense of humor they would've adopted 7-man Baca-Ball.

Don Saavedra said...

Sense of humor? Then you mean Moneyball.