Friday, October 12, 2012

World Cup Layout

No analysis, in-depth or otherwise, just a few observations after spending a bit of time reviewing the layout. Snake off the break? Yes you can. Definitely worth challenging that Home gun. There are other lanes that can contest a snake runner but they can be countered. And an early snake presence can put a lot of pressure on D-side primaries. Consistent with layouts this year using the *new* technical snake that half of the field is low props and playing on your knees except for the corner TCKs. These are very important positions (as is often the case) given the very traditional nature of this layout; two dominating (more or less) wires with limited insert props feeding the wires and interior lanes [of movement] most divisional teams will ignore. The snake corners also are simple bumps into the snake or the insert T.
Home is too useful and given that it's an MT is very likely to be played by 2 players early in points much of the time. I say too useful as the tendency will be to blunt offensive play and delay the kind of aggressive push that closes out points quickly. Look for either very fast points--when bodies drop OTB--or longer more deliberate points as teams and players (particularly at the divisional level) are satisfied to with sitting in their bunkers and making cautious moves.
The A can be taken OTB and can deliver some quick kills for sloppy play. It can also deny key rotations on either side of the field, more easily on the snake side, but is also subject to a counter-bunkering as it will be hard to defend OTB as well.
The D-wire is the more complex and diverse side of the field providing a lot of options relative to the snake wire even though it too is fairly conventional. The difference is the placement of the inline Pins and blocking upfield MTs. I can see this wire being played as the strong side a majority of the time.
The most critical phase of play on this layout could be the breakout as opportunities exist to hammer the opposition early and often with fearless & bold execution.
Have at it and have fun!


Anonymous said...

I'm predominantly a snake player myself, and I can say I'd be running to snake 50 OTB all DAY on this layout.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous . Well getting to snake 50 OFB is easier said then done lol especially if snake corner beats you their. Home may not have a clear shot on the snake but delay a little bit at the A ...

Nick Brockdorff said...

Snake 50 OTB all day?

Well, good luck with that..... especially if the person shooting snake side from home can shoot a lane with just a minimum of skill:D