Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Euroland News

Portugal becomes the latest haven as Eurocash doesn't know where to turn next for safety or security while world "demokratic" leaders play 'Game of Thrones' for real over crypto-state Ukraine as Gazprom calls   Chevron's bluff and Putin takes off his shirt and Obama goes Vogue all over the oval office. To say nothing of Chinese bond defaults and the world atmospheric tour of the Fukushima radiation cloud's next stop in LA. "Hello Anaheim!" Oh wait, this is supposed to be about paintball. I get distracted now and again by the so-called *real* world. Ever notice John McCain has never been a party to a war or international intervention he didn't support? Oops. Sorry. (Did it again.) Back to paintball. Promise.
Just this past weekend the CPS kicked off their season with an event in (near?) Rome competing on the PSP Dallas field layout. From the results it appears approx. 46 teams competed in 4 divisions including 5 teams in the pro bracket. Despite using the PSP layout it looks like all the pro teams that will be competing in Dallas this coming weekend chose to get their final practice on in the U.S of A. (Except perhaps Red Storm.) The early word is positive--after all a party is a party and the weather was wonderful--but it may prove instructive to get a vendor's view of the proceedings to gauge just where the CPS stands.
Meanwhile the MS is gearing up for a return to the hinterland near the Cote d'Azur with some interesting if mildly bizarre news. Somebody has sold their spot in the CPL or it may be that GI Sportz has simply traded out Houston Heat for Generation Kill Paris. GK Paris--as best VFTD can ascertain at the moment--played as or with Boost Air Rennes the last couple of years until this opportunity came up. While some individual team announcements have been made no public list of participating teams has yet been posted on the "locked" (or licensed) MS upper divisions.
Of greater interest to the average fan is the Millennium Board's decision to flip their field layouts and feature the D-wire on the spectator side. Sorta. In an interview with subtitles available here Laurent Hamet explains. This means the snake wire will be on the pit side of the field in 2014. It seems the league tested a theory at Chantilly last autumn when a symmetrical field was used with snakes on both wires and more big moves occurred on the pit side away from shouting fans and efforts to "coach" the players. Using that rational the MS is making the change. (Did anyone look at big moves down the D-wire prior to Chantilly?) The league will supply a large screen on site to help the spectators catch all the cross field action (there is after all that enormous M and the blocking cylinders, well, blocking) and new camera positions will display the new rasher of big moves snake side for the webcast audience. There is no official word on the expected fate of D-wire big moves at this time.
In closing rumor has it the EPBF has promised to have an English translation of the new rulebook available for the first Millennium event. 

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Liam said...

My impression of the CPS from a player's perspective was that it was a much smaller event than it has the potential to be (althoough i'm told they did intentionally lower the team cap). They only ran 2 fields, but the divisional field was only used on the saturday, with all games being played on the one field the rest of sunday. As they had ran both fields during the saturday they obviously had refs available so it would have made sense to continue using the other fields for semi finals games throughout the day. Because they didn't do this, it resulted in a disappointing situation where the 'pro finals' for example were randomly thrown in the middle of other semi-pro and divisional semi final games. Adjusting the schedule would have made the whole event much more enjoyable.
Having said all that, the fields were a good quality, reffing seemed consistent and there was no issue coming up that weren't swiftly resolved.
The lack of scoreboard on the pro field was a little disappointing but didn't change the quality of the event.
I hate to be materialistic but it was a little strange that none of the divisions podium teams were rewarded in any way other than the trophy/medals. To try and build the league up it would've been good to see some sort of discount to the next events or simillar reward.

The millennium layout played very well as it was used in the UK's premier event CPPS. The straight ladder of bags meant that even with coaching, there was some aggressive play with teams systematically dominating the control bunkers and then making their moves. as a snake point player i really enjoyed this layout for a change as the lack of coaching meant you could take full advantage of the length of the connected snake beams, moving up and down at will. When closing out games, even with the large distance from the 50 M to the corner and such, I found myself able to run down these last players without having a gun turn on me after 2 steps, so the lack of cover was compensated with the lack of coaching. Overall I like the change but don't see it as being an essential for every other event. However on a layout like this where the distances to cover are greater, no coaching makes for much more powerful snake play.