Friday, June 20, 2014

PSP Chicago: Thursday & Friday

On the plus side no real rain the last two days. Unfortunately it poured both Wednesday and Thursday nights leaving the mud muddier and standing puddles here and there--although mostly not on the playing fields. All things considered the fields have held up pretty well though the Champions field has a low spot on one dorito wire that would be ideal for some mud wrestling. Hey if Living Legends can have a bikini contest why can't the PSP have some bikini mud wrestling? Include that as the midday entertainment between morning and afternoon sessions on the webcast and that $10 or $15 bucks begins to look like money well spent. Just saying. Otherwise the weather was overcast early with some late afternoon sunshine with relatively mild temps for Illinois in the summer. The forecast continues to look iffy but Saturday is supposed to be the best day of the weekend for paintball.
There were a few surprises but nothing too drastic. Pro play went mostly to expectations--at least in terms of how the field is playing. Points are fast when bodies drop OTB or a wire gets cleared. For the most part the center has been left alone--particularly off the break with some movement into the center late on close outs. Over in Challengers Infamous crushed and struggled more to keep their game on point than they did with their competition. Art Chaos also went 2-0 but let Thunder into their match with a surfeit of penalties. Revo got their first pro match win by swamping Thunder 7-0 after dropping their first match versus VCK. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day in Challengers was Red Storm winning both of their matches after being the season cellar dweller so far. Seems the faster pace suits their game.
On the Champions field it was a bit of a surprise to see how successful the teams were OTB shooting some inside lanes along with the more traditional wide lanes. While all the spots could be made, including the snake, players were as likely to be eliminated bumping the Cans as attacking the corners. (Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration but still a little unexpected. Could be a sign teams were wary of strong center moves too and prepared to counter them quickly.)
On the scoreboard Tampa and Dynasty won both their matches today but have yet to play each other. X-Factor lost a couple of tough tight matches while Heat split and 187 struggled with the pace. In the other half Vicious lost both their matches today while Shock, Impact and the Legion split with only the Ironmen going undefeated as they handed Impact a loss. As usual nothing is settled yet and won't be until the last match on Saturday is completed. Here's hoping tomorrow bright and sunny and filled with world class paintball. Until then.

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Red storm added two new players as well.