Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pr1me Country

Pr1me is a program out of Birmingham AL much like the old Gridlock program in the Carolinas. They boast a number teams playing at both the PSP and regional level, the MiLP. And they have proved highly successful in recent seasons. They also have a prime facility with private fields that are a joy to behold better to play. I'm here this weekend putting a number of the squads through their paces in preparation for the MiLP final and to assist in the whole team's continued growth and development. Had a solid first day and am looking forward to tomorrow. This sort of vertical team structure is one of the best ways to provide young players with the direction they need and the opportunities to flourish. And this season the MiLP has proved to be both well regarded by the competing teams and highly competitive. A shout out to the Pr1me guys and a reminder there are positive stories in the world of competitive paintball.

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