Monday, November 3, 2014

The Monday Poll in Review: Dead Pool

A Very Special The Monday Poll wanted to know which teams you lot thought were most likely to turn in their PSP cards and call it a day. During the vote Art Chaos announced they were not only not coming back to the PSP but were pulling the plug altogether. And, if you're gonna go out you might as well do it in style which Chaos did winning the last three events they competed in including World Cup. Which is a long winded way of saying they screwed up the poll. If they'd waited a few days ... Also, over the Halloween weekend GI and Empire announced (respectively) they'd signed up VCK and Revo for next season which, barring the end of the world, makes their intentions pretty clear. Even so the results are in -- and they are kinda predictable. I'll let you in on a little secret. I was hoping we might see an indication or two in the results that suggested who might be next. Thing is players talk and every secret or even discussed possibility eventually leaks. The fact that the numbers mostly don't offer any clear signs may be a good sign. Let's hope--even though Mr. Curious assures me more teams will fall before the spring brings the 2015 season.
By the numbers XSV is the most likely to close shop and there have seemed to be a variety of indications that is the direction things are going but nothing official has been announced yet. CEP is the second most likely to call it a day according to the poll results. (Everything Mr. C has heard to date suggests a desire to see CEP continue but again, who knows for sure?) Art Chaos was running third when they ruined the poll and officially quit leaving that distinction to Red Storm. Having struggle most of the season in the back half of the Challengers bracket and with the expense involved in competing in the US as a Russia-based team makes them a reasonable guess. It has also been suggested in some quarters that the Western sanctions imposed on Russia is having an impact which would also affect the Russian Legion. Five other teams were in double digits ranging between 16% and 10% of the vote. In descending order they were Thunder, Aftershock, Top Gun, Russian Legion and Damage. Infamous came next at 8% with everyone else between 1%--6%. The four least likely to quit teams were Impact, Ironmen, X-Factor and Revo.
At this time VFTD is aware of two more teams on the list that will make official announcements at some point in time (unless things dramatically change) and believes there could end up being two or three others when it's all said and done. We'll all know soon enough I suppose.

And for those already counting the Houston Heat victories next season with the formal announcement the Russians (plus Malloy) are coming not only should last season provoke some caution but juggling that roster is going to be a prodigious undertaking. Not least because of the expectations but in any sport first stringers expect to play and some members of the team will be disappointed.  

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