Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Major Leagues Update

The way things have been going of late no telling if it will all change again before I can get this posted. Let's begin with the Millennium Series. Mostly in the news this last couple of weeks--besides the return of Hugo Dominguez--have been the introductions of new teams picking up spots in the two semi-pro divisions. Red Storm, a PSP Challenger last season, has joined the ranks of Mills teams this season but the other names are less familiar. It remains unclear whether these latest additions are filling spots attritted by other SPL teams or are adding new teams to the division totals. Last season there were 49 SPL teams so the question is are the newest teams going to swell that number or simply hold the line. Until a team list is posted for the first event there's no way to know but in recent past seasons the league's efforts have been aimed at maintaining numbers that are slowly eroding. Even then it's problematic if the league is willing to take unproven teams into the ranks of the SPL because it eventually becomes more of a vanity project than one of accomplishment. And without a teams list it's hard to know how well the off season changes have been received--though the general response was positive--a positive response not reflected by improving participation isn't much use.
There's more information available from the PSP and it isn't good--though there's still a window of time for improvement. Current Dallas registration is at 116 teams. The only bright spot is that 92 of the teams are Race To 4/5/7 while only 26 are Race To 2. That's still off 31 Race To X teams from last year's Dallas event and 54 teams short of last year's 170 team total with the first deadline less than a week away. And in looking at the registrations by division it's the bread & butter D3 & D4 ranks that are well off past numbers and that is a trend--if it continues--that will be of real concern to the league. (Looks like a review of D3 and D4 participation at the regional level is in order. Is the PSP possibly losing teams to other leagues or is competitive paintball losing its foundation?) In related news DYE's status remains in limbo--at least as a matter of public knowledge and what impact the resolution of their issues will have on the PSP (and PBA and the webcast) is also uncertain at this time. Also uncertain is the ultimate "true semi" ROF as the league announced yesterday it was being raised to 13.3 bps or more correctly the timing gap was being reduced to 75ms. So we've gone from uncapped to 12.5 and now to 13.3. Where will it finally end up? (And will it inevitably trickle down to divisional?) On a more positive note the demise of Damage was apparently somewhat premature as the core players have managed to resurrect the team with the help of some new sponsors and the reconsideration of ownership. On a less positive note rumors swirl regarding the fate of the Ironmen with recent defections and the team's status as DYE's defacto factory team. Including the Ironmen the pro ranks presently rest at 16 teams--too many for one division and perhaps not enough for a Challengers bracket though the league has discussed the possibility of a reduced Challengers division.
In player news Woodley and Dizon (late of Heat) go to Shock and Velez returns to Shock without missing any events but the shocker is the return of Todd Adamson. While Todd's role is unclear Coach Bruno threatened to return to the playing field with some regularity last season. Could Shock field two OG's in 2015?
Whatever happens 2015 is shaping up to be one wild ride.


Anonymous said...

One wild ride indeed.

Mark said...

Post Script: I posted, before all the madness began, on Grayson Goff's soliloquies of pro vs the lack of up and comers and I told a once upon a time when pros played novices and how they cheated us & then we beat them.... blah, blah, blah.

Well ya'll (Florida, f*** yeah!), A certain player from long hence took that pathetic pro team, who had the nerve to lose to an up-start novice team, and slapped a saddle on his back and they all road a horse named "Poopy" to a pro division win at Atlantic City, 2001.

Anonymous said...

People are finally starting to realize how ridulous PSP really is. PBA makes events out to be these amazing/action-packed/disney land of paintball where everyone is cheering in the stands and supporting their favorite team which is just not the case. D3/D4 teams can have just as much fun in regional leagues which cost much less. The winners of the D3 division are just sandbaggers anyway. While APPA has limited sandbagging D1 players can still drop to D3 teams, run the show, and win events. Velez returning to shock is comical, no other pro teams wanted him other than a D3 turned D1 team who didn't even win the series last year.

splatkid10 said...

Do you think Todd Adamson and Coach Bruno (if he played) will use BBT autocockers? That'd probably be the best news of this off-season.

DYE is accused of owing Wells Fargo a lot of money. That doesn't sound to me like the Ironmen can be reliably counted on and if PBA is dependent on DYE - same thing.

I'd be interested to be a fly on the wall at KEE or GI right now, DYE could be going on sale afterall...

All cards will be held close to the chest until DYE either rescues itself or it tanks, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

DYE is done and KEE sold to GI. I'll be suprised if PSP holds all 5 events this year.