Monday, February 28, 2011

The (late) Monday Poll

This week y'all get another chance to abuse your voting privileges--consider yourself an honorary Chicagoan (definitely the last time I use this joke)--with the opportunity to make multiple choices. VFTD requests you choose your top four finishers in the PSP pro division for the Galveston Open. I say "request" because, frankly, my expectations are so diminished I'm quite certain an equal number of chimps is more likely to get it right than you lot. (Excepting you, of course. I'm referring to the other idiots who can't seem to get it right.) (Not that it matters--but it's the principle of the thing, ya know?)
This week I'm curious to see how close an unscientific collection of fanboys, the terminally agg, 2K9ers and all the rest of y'all will get to the actual event results spouting the conventional wisdom, bandwagoneering opinions and general ignorance.

Pick the top four pro teams at the Galveston Open. Followed, d'oh, by a list of the competing teams.

UPDATE: It's Tuesday morning and it's clear I forgot to add brown-nosers to the list of voters. (Secretly I appreciate your votes but if you're expecting any gratitude you're outta luck.) The Legion finished last year on a strong roll. Impact has picked up half of the Philly Americans. Dynasty has experienced hungry youth plus the return of Ollie! T-Harm is hanging with Infamous and with the bigger bunkers and longer field that can only help their lumberjack squad, right? (Don't play dumb, you know who I mean.) And X-Factor has gotten the band back together. It wasn't that long ago that those guys were always in the thick of things. Not that I'm trying to sway any votes ...

Monday Poll in Review
Last week VFTD pretended to care what y'all thought about the return of Ollie to the Dynabrats. Okay, it was sorta a decent, if fleeting, diversion. The question was: (and I'm paraphrasing myself here) Does the return of Ollie return Dynasty to the top of the pro heap? 2% responded with an unqualified yes. Another 22% also said yes but thought the other new additions along with Hinman as coach are the more important changes to the team. And 24% said yes with Ollie as an important but not dominating piece of the missing puzzle. Then there was the 30% who figure Dynasty would be improved but not dominant. Followed by 12% who also felt Dynasty would be improved but not dominant but credited the changes other than Ollie's return. 7% think there will too many strong personalities to make it work. So pretty much half of ya think Dynasty will rule the roost once more and half of you don't. Well, that was informative, wasn't it?

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