Monday, December 3, 2012

VFTD's PSP Top Ten Players of 2012

First, I am no doubt gonna get some grief for this list--which is fine. Why you wonder? Because my list has more of my players than the PBA list does, that's why. So y'all go on and have some fun poking the bear. The VFTD list shares 5 players with the PBA list but only one player is ranked the same in both lists. (That would be Jason Edwards at #4.)
So how did VFTD calculate its list compared to the PBA list using the same stats? ('Cus I did use the same stats. The alternative was to simply pick and choose.) As mentioned in the ROTY post I modified some of the stat values and I took one aspect of one of the stats [percentage of total points played] and weighted the outcome based on a player's participation in more or less than 50% of his team's points. That created different scores in the percentage of team points played category. I left the max value at 7.5 but also included a range that assigned negative scores for players playing less than 50% of their teams points. I did that because the roster limit of 10 players allowed for teams with full rosters to play two lines. (There were also teams with less than 10 rostered players as well.) With a full roster everyone has the potential to play a minimum of half the points. I assumed those that played a lower percentage did so for a reason--regardless of how their overall stats turned out. I also largely discarded 'Winfluence' as a faulty value when applied across all the competing teams. [See the November post, 'Winfluence' for a fuller explanation of why.]
Now I'm not suggesting my list is better than the PBA list--but it is. It would be if all I did was toss Winfluence and see what resulted. Anyway, there's one last calculation I'd like to make--at least for now. I'd like to be able to give more weight to Sunday play--and I suppose that data can be pulled from the Sunday match records--but I didn't go to that extreme.

The Monday Poll: Top Ten
This is where I was intending to reveal VFTD's Top Ten list but I've got a better idea. And by better I mean that amuses me a lot more. Before I reveal the VFTD Top Ten we's gonna do a The Monday Poll and see who you slackers think were the ten best pro players in 2012. How you ask? I'ma give you the top 30 names according to PBA ranking and you may pick as many as ten players and after a week we'll see which ten players received the most votes. If you have objections to the PBA's top 30 take it up with them and if you're surprised by the names not on the list time to start paying more attention. And you could, if you want make a big deal outta it write in your own alternative candidates. You know, in the comments. The PBA top 30 will be listed in order of their PBA placement (beginning at the top with #1) so you can compare their ranking to how the vote is going--and next week, against the VFTD Top Ten.
In next week's Monday Poll in Review we'll take a look at the popular Top Ten, the PBA Top Ten and then add VFTD's Top Ten into the mix and drag the arguments out as long as possible. Should be fin, right? So what are you waiting for? Get to voting.


Nathan J said...

The stat's may not show it but IMO, Chad George showed up big time this year.

Anonymous said...

I think you are a point, but a team mate of his really stepped up this year. Sam Monville. Where as Chad has been a bit of a playmaker since his days with Philly, Sam seemed the perfect utility guy. This year Sam took games over with authority, making big plays and great shots when games seemed stalemated. I was impressed all year with Sams ability to make big plays and prove himself as a big game player while remaining the consistent insert player he's always been.

Nathan J said...

Very true. So, they get the award for the most underrated 1-2 punch?

Missy Q said...

Strange that Kfed is getting all the votes when I would consider him the least influential Soviet on the Heat roster this season. I would have thought that Sergei was easily the best of the defectors in '12.

Anonymous said...

Standout players always make their presence felt on a field. Yes some do their jobs consistently have to respect that, but some are simply forces.

Chad George is more a of a physical workhorse than a playmaker IMO. He's always in the snake, but I don't think he has the talent of a Goldman or even JRab. Wheeler and Gaudin were better and more surprising. Esp. given the that non-Russian Euro players typically don't find much success in the PSP. (Joy Div had one good season state-side) Surrounded by all that talent hurts every candidate on Heat for standing out.

Can't vote for KFed when it is widely known how much people get into his head when they put 8-10 shots on it.

Mischka's reputation precedes him among the pro ranks.

Greenspan seems to be the only one on Dynasty that showed up this season. Well besides Yosh.

My mind was parted open with the piercing reality that I didn't know shit about Dan Holliday before this season and now I do. That man is an obvious monster even on a stacked team. He's by far the most underrated among VFTD voters right now IMO.