Monday, December 10, 2012

VFTD's Top Ten PSP Pro Players in 2012

Here's another top ten list. Are you sick & tired of top ten lists yet? I'm definitely getting there. I think it's an interesting question and I think it's fun to debate--as long as it's just for fun. Fan lists are always okay but I confess to being a tiny bit worried about the statistical list. (The stats are great and good for the game. Don't get me wrong on that score. I'm just not sure they're all that good for the players. Believing the hype is never a good idea and certainly at this stage the stats need some fine-tuning.) So, you might reasonably ask, if I have some doubts about the stats why did I base my list on the PBA numbers? Mostly because it was just for fun--and it gave me an opportunity to fiddle with the numbers and see if I liked the adjustments I was making. (Already forgotten my adjustments? Look here.) Without anymore chit chat here's the VFTD 2012 Top Ten.

1--Constantine Federov
2--Ryan Greenspan
3--Alex Berdnikov
4--Jason Edwards
5--Sergei Solnyshkov
6--Chad Busiere
7--Mike Paxson
8--Justin Rabackoff
9--Jacob Edwards
10--Damian Ryan

Okay, okay, I have to include some honorable mentions as well. Deserving players who didn't make this list but deserve to be part of the conversation. Is this everyone I think merits recognition? No, just a few stand outs that come to mind. In no particular order:
Greg Siewers
Daniel Holliday
Yosh Rau
Colt Roberts
Chad George


Anonymous said...

You should put pba ranks next to the names for convenient comparison.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting to see Marcello doesn't make your top ten list. Care to comment?

Baca Loco said...

About what? By my reckoning his value was inflated by the winfluence score which I tossed out of the calculation.

Anonymous said...

Whatever winfluence is supposed to mean, I think its an interesting statement that with Marcello, he seems to do well with a team that does well.

In the NPPL he played for Explicit and they sucked it up, and Marcello didn't make a huge difference (in their overall ranking... there's only so much a player can do after all). Then suddenly, he plays for a team that has more potential in Vegas (Dynasty) and they win! Winfluence!

Anonymous said...

agree with all but greg sewiers, i thought he had struggled this year for infamous.. drawn a lot of penalties and died early a lot, not including OTB

NewPro said...

Not one vicious player, tisk tisk

Anonymous said...

IMO this is like an old soccer mom telling her son how to play professional soccer... sure she may have played in high school, or on an intramurals team during her 2 semesters at community college, but I'd be much more interested if people that actually played against other voted for the list. makes for a good laugh tho

Nick Brockdorff said...

If you think you need to have been a great player, to be a great coach, you should read up on sports history a bit ;)