Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Is PSP Masters done?

In case you've been living in a cave (or believe Oklahoma D-Day is the greatest spectacle in paintball) then you might not know that the PSP has hosted a Masters division (for the old guys of paintball) at World Cup the last few years. Or that it appears there won't be a Masters division this year.
While admittedly never a big deal, in terms of participation, from day one the league got the Masters wrong by opting for a Race-2-4 format. (Largely at the insistence of a former owner who has been out of the game for years.) When originally proposed to the league it was as a Race-2-2 offering predicated on the idea that if it was a once a year just for fun opportunity for the older baller to have an excuse to come to sunny Florida and have some fun--then Race-2-2 would be less demanding, easier to get a team together for and cheaper to compete in.
Over the years there has been a small but loud Masters contingent that managed to put together around 8 teams every year, until now ... Without formal explanation it seems the Masters isn't worth the effort any longer. And that's understandable if unfortunate--but what about an alternative?
Looking at the numbers of registered Race 2-2 teams so far the numbers look a little thin to me. There's plenty of spots still available so what about, instead of canceling Masters without warning, the league offers Masters in the Race 2-2 format to see what happens? Sure, it's late in the day but if 8 teams of Race 2-4 Masters teams would have signed up there's 8 to a 12 potential Race 2-2 teams right there and who knows, with a little promotion, and a less demanding format maybe a new version of Masters can serve everybody's interests. Just a thought.

Tomorrow, Mr. C has the latest on Art Chaos and their plan to invade the PSP next season.

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