Friday, September 27, 2013

Mr. Curious: Lining Up The Dominoes

Even as we approach the final push for World Cup Mr. Curious says the phone lines are burning up with calls soliciting players for Art Chaos. If you missed the last post on this look here. Rumor has it the Big 3 Russians from Heat aren't the Big 3--they are the Big 2--as Sergey won't be making the jump. While no official announcements have been made--or are likely before World Cup--word is at least one [and perhaps 2] Ironmen have been lined up (and one of them is making a few calls of his own.) As suggested before at least some old Philly Americans were at the top of the list and have been contacted but it appears a wider net is being cast. Mr. C says players from a number of teams have been contacted including Dynasty and X-Factor. Of course Kyle Spicka already plays for AC in the MS and is rumored to be on the list too along with another young Dynasty player. Word too is that Damage has acted proactively and locked up its players for next season already. Mr. C has heard a few names but intentionally chose not to reveal them because no official word has been released and it wouldn't be fair to those players or teams given the proximity to Cup.
When official word begins to leak it will be interesting to see how the teams that lose players respond and if it engenders a bidding war that may tear other teams apart.  


NewPro said...

Ok, so between the "contacting" also known as waiving $$$ at people and Joey's figure of seven figures, which i'd love to believe if it was true....My question is coach, WHERE MA MONEY????

There seems to be lots a round


Baca Loco said...

That ain't the cheese going to the players, NP. That's the guesstimated cost of running for a year--and far as I can tell really only applies to one team. I would project there's between 6 and 10 teams running a six figure budget when all their costs are totaled for a season. And not all the players on those teams are getting "paid."

Anonymous said...

Baca - with this talk of pro team budgets...low 6 figures...high 6 figures...can you give any more fidelity?

Baca Loco said...

221 Anon
Low. Mostly between 1 and 2 though there are a couple that probably exceed those numbers.

Anonymous said...

Where does most of the $ go? I'm assuming the travel expenses as most upper end teams have a paint sponsorship.

Baca Loco said...

Paint sponsorships ain't what they used to be. Almost nobody gets all of their paint (practice & events) covered anymore.