Friday, December 6, 2013

Not In The Paintball News

Hard on the heels of the latest news from Millennium Land it seems the CPS will be teaming up with Shoreline (the scenario superstars from the UK) in expanding the games available at this year's Valken Big Game at the The Citadel in May. The venue looks spectacular. The intriguing aspect of this collaboration [for VFTD] is in the combining of Shoreline's scenario centric offerings with the competition oriented games planned by CPS--along with a UWL event representing the middle ground perhaps. Worth keeping an eye on to see how the experiment turns out. If the whole flourishes it might create a new kind of event altogether.  

Below (in italics) is a portion of a press release tossed over the transom here at VFTD the other day. A pair of young filmmakers are working on a paintball-related movie project they are funding on Kickstarter. While I can't vouch for the finished film I took a look at some of their other work and I can say they are legit. Their budget is modest by any standard and if this interests you at all give it a look. Such projects have a funding window. Who knows, for the price of a trip through a Starbuck's drive-thru you might be helping mainstream paintball.

North Hollywood, California (November 29, 2013) – Writer/director Andrew Kadikian has partnered with producer Ryan Stockstad to make a teen romantic comedy set in the world of competitive paintball. The two filmmakers have launched a campaign on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter to raise $5,000 of the project's budget.
“The paintballing sport is not represented very often in film. We're hoping that this movie will change that a little bit. We're hoping that this is the kind of movie that if you play paintball, you'll like what we've created”, said Ryan Stockstad, founder of Crowned Prince Productions.

Writer/director Andrew Kadikian adds, “I'm kind of drawing my inspiration for this from my love of John Hughes movies and teen comedies of the 80s... And at the same time, my love for paintball and playing paintball and watching professional paintball.” 

Social Paintball reported a day or two ago that Damage and Impact will be participating in the WCPPL's proposed Open division in 2014. As a PSP affiliate WCPPL owner Mike Hinman has said his event dates won't conflict with any PSP dates. Of interest to VFTD is how this is likely to impact the APL's effort to regain some legitimacy for its Pro division. (Remember the APL has been trying to talk some of the defunct NPPL's old pros back into the fold.) If the WCPPL fills in the open spaces between PSP events--and with the commitment of two of the biggest names in pro ball already on board--it's beginning to look like the best the APL will be able to do is some sort of split. Will that be enough to anchor the "new" league?


Anonymous said...


Why do so many teams shoot GI? Is it just because they are the cheapest? I'm just wondering what makes them so popular personally I think GI is garbage.

Do you think the MS will crumble eventually? Could they merge with the PSP? Global league?

Do you plan to go back to Damage?

Baca Loco said...

GI has been both more aggressive and generous with their paint sponsorship in a lot of cases and also offer incentive programs at the divisional level.
These days all paint suffers from some inconsistency but I wouldn't call any of it "garbage."

Everything crumbles eventually but the MS currently seems to be making the effort to build on present success.

A PSP merger strikes me as highly unlikely--when pigs fly unlikely. A global league would be an immense undertaking and won't happen anytime soon certainly. Keep in mind the model championed by the MS is a hierarchy of federated leagues ultimately overseen by an international ruling body--and is a standard of international sports.

Never say never.

Anonymous said...

any comments on the rumor floating around pbnation that dye bought the right to the nppl?

Baca Loco said...

It was apparently considered but not followed through on. Rumor has it the trademarked material had lapsed and wasn't renewed which would be ironic considering how Chuck got hold of it in the first place.