Monday, December 23, 2013

The Monday Poll in Review: 10.2

What are you gonna say about 10.2? See the comments section of The Monday Poll: 10.2. A lot of thoughtful and reasoned comments. Frequently mistaken but well above the PBN standard. Will it provide for more action or movement or whatever? Will it reduce paint usage? Frankly we've been there and done that before so anyone who was paying attention already knows what's coming. So instead of asking the boring, let's be oh so serious poll questions what I was more interested in was the general mood of you fickle slackers so the five "answers" were aimed at gauging not what you thought but how you felt about it.
The only surprising result was the number of respondents for "the PSP knows best" choice which received four votes. Let's see, Lane, Tom and raehl voted for the PSP but who the hell was that fourth voter? Joe? Cade? Camille? But seriously kids I'm actually a little surprised that choice didn't receive more votes. There's a lot of sheep out there. Of the other four choices I divided them between the "positive" ones and the "negative" ones. Your mileage may vary. I felt like the "10.2 for everyone" and "Don't care, let's play" were the positive options while Sucks to be Pro" and "Tired of the constant changes" reflected negative feelings. And here is where it gets really interesting. (Or at least as interesting as this is gonna get.)
"10.2 for everyone" got 25% of the vote. "Don't care, let's play" got 24% resulting in 49% positive responses--and, if you counted the "PSP knows best" percentage it bumps up to 53%. With all the Sturm und Drang over at PBN you'd think it was the end of the world--although it seems much of the angst was based on a widespread failure to actually comprehend the press release. (Apparently reading isn't as fundamental as it used to be.) That leaves a combined 47% for the Negative Nancys although "tired of the constant changes" garnered the most votes and totaled 32% of all votes cast. That's a number it might be wise not to ignore.
But then the PSP knows best don't you know. 


Anonymous said...

Rumor has that the reasoning behind the pro's shooting 10.2 is to save the paint companies money. Seeing they are the ones forking over the free paint for the pro's, makes sense.

Baca Loco said...

Well Anon I guess that means there are rumors and then there are rumors cus it isn't gonna reduce paint consumption. Guaranteed.

Q said...

yeah, but you would say that wouldn't you...

(this is going to be so much fun)

Nick Brockdorff said...
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Nick Brockdorff said...

All other things being equal, paint consumption would drop as a result of lower ROF, but only marginally.

It would remain the same in "normal" or long points, where players would quickly adjust their game to hold lanes longer, since they would now run out of paint later.

Only in short points would there be a logical drop in consumption... but since it's short points, the overall effect would be very minor.

But, "all other things being equal" doesn't work in this instance, since the lower ROF has an effect on the number of kills OTB..... which in turn means we'll see fewer short points.

So, the outcome will actually be a slight increase in paint consumption :)

So, if the desired effect of the lower ROF is lower paint consumption (I still don't know what the desired effect is?), the PSP need to make field designs that promote fast game play after the break, so that we get more fast points, where the lower ROF has a positive impact on consumption.

The alternative is to drop ROF even further, because there IS a point where lower ROF means lower consumption, simply because the nature of the game changes.

At some point, the pay off of aggressive play and lots of movement starts to make sense.... because the ROF is so low as to change the current risk/reward picture in our sport.

Where that spot is, I don't know.... I lack empirical data for it.... but my gut feeling is we need to return to the days when people played Cockers and Mags, for a frame of reference (which would mean around 6 BPS).

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