Monday, January 20, 2014

Hell Freezes Over

It was either the polar vortex or the release of an honest-to-God rulebook by the EPBF governing the Millennium Series and other EPBF-sanctioned tournaments in 2014. Written in English at first glance it appears to have been proof read by a Hungarian.


Anonymous said...

Strange grammar issues will be ignored in this comment, because it probably wasn't written by a native speaker and their command of the English language is probably a hell of a lot better than my French or German.

Who invented Race2? Not Xball, but the Race2 concept. In the opening paragraph, the Millennium claims they did along with the EPBF. True or False?

They call their sudden death tie breaker "golden goal". I'm curious if the term is just foreign to Europeans or if it was avoided for political correctness. Eitherway, we don't score goals in paintball, so the term is pretty silly.

I also smile at this, "Only the designated coach may throw the towel, ask for a
timeout or may ask for an explanation of a call (only to the head ref & only when
the head ref is off the field and only during breaks). "

Particularly the ask for an explanation bit. So you can never ask for a call to be explained unless the head ref leaves the field. So you can pretty much never get an explanation or even ask for one. Just shut up and accept it.

Even better though is, "All own team members (players & pit crew) may communicate with their own
players (not with opposing players or refs). "

You're not allowed to communicate with the players or refs? That seems very strange... But again, both these last two points really do read as if the refs are the most important aspect of what the Millennium does and the players are an after thought.

Watching them ref, that reality is pretty much clear. The refs are there to control the players, not be impartial judges who try their best to stay out of the game. In the Millennium, the refs are as much a part of the game as the players are, and the rule book makes that much clear.

Baca Loco said...

Race To 2? They may very well have. I honestly don't remember and don't care enough to check. I do recall very clearly that some years ago there was talk of "harmonizing" the rules, formats and leagues and at that time the MS had just gone to what was typically called Xball Lite and the PSP was -- as it turned out -- looking for an Xball alternative that the following season became Race 2. At that time VFTD's concern was that harmonization would end up looking more like Xball Lite than Xball. :)

Anonymous said...

"Golden goal" is the FIFA (soccer) term for "sudden death". It came about because of political correctness, but it is now a commonplace term.

Missy Q said...

yeah I thought everyone knew what 'Golden Goal' meant....

...what with it being such a commonly used term in the largest and most enjoyed team sport in the World.

Nick Brockdorff said...

"Only the designated coach may throw the towel, ask for a
timeout or may ask for an explanation of a call (only to the head ref & only when
the head ref is off the field and only during breaks). "

I guess Ulrich is still involved then :D

It was always his policy that paintball players should just shut up and do what they are told.... the MS has gone too far (much too far) down this road, and have reached a point where showing emotion in an adrenaline sport is out of the question.

I have seen numerous players get 141d for saying "where am I hit ref?"

And what is the reasoning behind the whole "don't talk" rule?

Well, because it remains from back in the woods, when players would give away opponent position or relay other important stuff while walking off.

It has zero relevance in todays game

Anonymous said...

We don't score goals. We score points. We do shoot people. Sudden death would seem more applicable. Just an aside.

Call it the Golden Point if you want to apply it to paintball.

Anonymous said...

No-one dies. Suddenly or otherwise.
maybe that's why they don't use it.

Anonymous said...

The point is not golden either meathead. You don't pick up a soccer rule book and see references to touchdowns. You don't see home runs in basketball.

It's clearly not a problem, but just amateurish. The problem really is how they view the ref-player relationship.

Anonymous said...


You needed to make it personal?

Go fuck yourself.

Baca Loco said...

How personal could it be when everyone is anonymous?

spike said...

hmmm at least finally the rule book has been updated & published. 7 years on we might get the corrections :)

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