Monday, January 6, 2014

Musical Chairs circa 2014

After Heat ransacked Impact's roster (pulling Moorhead, Montressor and Siewers) Bart & Co. wasted no time in picking up Nick Leival (from Upton 187) and Ryan Martin (lately of Top Gun Union) to replace them. In addition Impact had already picked up 'Raney" Stanczak (from Damage.) The net result is two top Champions level teams have experienced substantial off season changes. So what do the changes portend?
Remember this began with the 3 Russians rejoining Art Chaos intending to enter the PSP for 2014. So we've got a (should-be) world class new-to-the-PSP team in Art Chaos and two highly ranked but substantially different returning champions.
Often lost in sports when high profile players change teams is that any team is the sum of all (and I mean all) its parts and successful teams--whatever the metric--find ways to integrate all the pieces into a single entity. It's often called chemistry. And on that score it would seem Art Chaos is ahead of the curve as the Russians have played for Art Chaos for years. The moves to Heat reunite a pair of former All-Americans with a couple other former All-As (plus Coach Trosen) which gives Heat a foot up on establishing team cohesion. Impact picked up three players from three different teams. On the plus side both Stanczak and Martin have experience with multiple teams at the pro level. Leival has been a long time member of Upton 187 and is most likely to have difficulty making the transition to a new environment. 
Beyond the changes and the chemistry questions there's also the question of who came out ahead--other than the players that may or may not have gotten a bigger chunk of cheddar than they had before. Who won the latest game of musical chairs? Was it Heat or AC or maybe Impact? From my vantage point AC maintained the core of its Euro team but most of the organization has no PSP experience. Most would agree those are still the pieces of a Champions quality team. Heat replaced top pros with other top pros but still left a couple of holes in their roster which will require players step to fill those holes. The biggest question is Impact. Odds are it take them the longest to peak given the roster changes.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Moorehead hurt Impact the most. Moorehead is crucial in getting the team to Sunday. But he could never deliver when called upon on Sunday afternoon.

So, I predict Heat will do about the same as last year, except they won't win an event. Top 4 overall? Impact, will be right behind them, top 3.

Dynasty, AC, and occasionally Damage will be fighting the 1/2 spot (after AC moves up that is).

All that being said, the brutal bracketing system might really throw some curve balls so we might see Impact finally take 1st for once.

Anonymous said...

No mention of Thomas Taylor?

Mike said...

Do you forsee any more major player movement between any teams this off season?

Nick Slowiak said...

When does the music stop?

Baca Loco said...

That's just ringing in your ears, Nick.

Baca Loco said...

Follow the money. Chaos is probably done. They've got their Russians in the fold and had no luck pulling American players--if in fact they really ever wanted them. Heat is done or would appear to be with a full roster. Same for Impact. Damage looks to stand pat, Dynasty too. Vicious could open the check book but their past experience bringing in established pros has been mixed at best.
Wouldn't surprise me if there were one or two moves still left but I'd guess all the potential game changers are done.

Mark said...

the only person chaos went after in the u.s. was spicka, but he declined, everyone can see why. as for much for seeing what the other guys can do. now it looks like jason will be running all 4 philly guys plus siewers every single point. their not as good as the russians though so it's still a step back. look for dynasty to still be a sunday team, along with damage and possibly impact. infamous just picked up the bornstein bros so maybe they can get back into the grove. Ironmen will probably be a 500 level team again, considering they have no long time experienced vets other then pax, and refuse to let anyone who hasn't been on aftermath play on the team. xfactor, we will find out this season if world cup was a fluke or not. i think it was, they lost 2 games in the prelims, and finally found their grove for one day. vicious should still be the same. either really good or extremely bad. Shock keeps getting better and better as the tournaments keep progressing. and finally, i don't see legion going anywhere, but they do have great coaching and scouting which showed at riverside. no, im not a troll, i say things for how they are.

NewPro said...

You left out Omaha, has the resources to "import" but won't because they refuse to pay people for doing a job their kids do for free. Vicious is maxed skill-wise with their current roster and a couple of hired guns who fit with the program could help. Time and time again, up on bodies, can't finish because the robots can't move.

Aftershock, The only thing that keeps this program running is Mikey Brunos desire to get back on the field. Shock has been up, down, all around and has underdogs luck some time, the other side of the coin is implosion with this team. Aftershock is not a top tier team as much as I'd like them to be

Nick Slowiak said...

Ring a ling a ring

Anonymous said...

-TBD- Always a contender. Looking solid this year- guessing they win 1 or 2 events

-Dynasty- prob do well this year- fun to see how the old age kicks in ;)

-Heat- Will contend- would be nice to see some of the younger guys get more points in

-AC- F&S will do their bidding! Guessing they take one tournament down.

-LAIn- Consistency is always the issue with this bunch. We know they can do it, but for how long?

-Impact- Roster looks good- can they pull it together? (love the raney pick up- wish he played with heat or shock ^.^ )

-Men- Want to see them do well this year, but they're still a young bunch

-X Factor- They're legit, but guessing they don't live up to their world cup win. Always a fun team to watch though

-MRL- merges with AC at the end of 2014- they will be in and out of contenders

-Aftershock- <3

-Vicious- Hope they lose to Aftershock