Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I wasn't planning on writing this post. Not when I first heard about the possibility of testing MAXX at MAO and not when I became peripherally involved in some of the discussion as it pertained to organizing the fields set aside for this and dealing with the refs and extra staffing. And when I say peripherally I mean tangentially. I didn't do any of the heavy lifting but contributed a thought or two. (And a press release.) That isn't to say for those wishing to assign blame (or sack Rome) that I don't share in the blame. The fact is I work for the PSP and support the PSP for the same reason--I think it delivers the best national and international level paintball available anywhere. So if you're of a mind to tear it all down and start over we're on opposite sides.
That said I'm not a big fan. Of the alternating matches formula. I've competed in the format and it really doesn't make a substantive difference from the players' side ... but even so. And for those mostly upset about the timing of the announcement I agree with you too. It was terrible timing and there's no way to put a happy face on any of it.
Of course I've been opposed to most of the changes the PSP has made in recent years and look where we are. The league is bigger and more popular than ever in the xball era. Shows what I know. Would I like more sense of stability and continuity? You bet and yet as I say that I've got a list of changes I want to make to the the rules. So when is change about just doing something different or doing something better? Depends, I suppose, on one's perspective.
There has also been a lot of talk about motivation. I don't have definitive answers but I do have an opinion. Based on personal knowledge of those involved. Dallas was a legit surprise. Going into the season event participation was projected in advance and Dallas blew those projections outta the water. Along comes MAO with a similar result--except there was no room to add more fields. Sometime after the potential scale of the MAO turnout was realized an effort was made to find a solution. MAXX was the result. Does that make the PSP greedy bottom feeders? I don't believe so but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think a situation came up that put the league in a difficult spot and this was the path chosen.
Would I have done it differently? From where I'm sitting, probably, but neither you or I have the same view as the peeps making the final decision. Certainly this wasn't a public relations coup. To put it mildly. Win, lose or draw it will be considered a black mark against the league by some (players and observers) that will have to be overcome. And the effort to do that will begin next week at MAO.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't think MAXX would be the answer to competing leagues, but if the PSP was theoretically unable to handle all the teams that signed up then it would provide a strong justification for two national leagues. MAXX would allow the PSP to max out the scheduling and accomodate all teams without adding days to the event which would reduce turnout. So I'd guess this is a way to make sure everyone who wants to play can play, while at the same time limiting the potential growth of upstart leagues.

Anonymous said...

I understand the reason why the PSP. I really do not like it though! I'm not opposed to trying it but please change it!

Charles Collins said...

I have viewed the PSP statement and really don't like the MAXX format being rolled out at MAO. I understand the need to expand due to the growing numbers, but I do not like how it seems the teams are being served a lesser playing experience due to the expansion. I feel that the PSP should either chose a different venue, maybe non fields and set up a stand alone tournament compound. I love supporting the local fields with the psp events, I just do not think the PSP at its current expansion rate can keep that up. My two cents.

Old-in-402 said...

I think the wrong conversation is being had. At what point do we stop accepting teams, regardless of the division? Exclusivity has its perks. Changing the scheduling format around to "squeeze" everyone in is a joke. What happens to the team that is told, "sorry, all the spots are filled." My guess is that they make some post on PBN complaining how they are sitting at home. BUT, everyone reads said post and the next event sees earlier registrations, even from the team that was left out.

Growth is great, but it needs to be managed. Through proper management growth can actually be stimulated, and managing exclusivity is one way of accomplishing that.

Reiner Schafer said...

If growth is enough, at what point to you go to Regional competitions for everyone but the Pros and then have one World Cup Finale for the winners and placers? Solves the overcrowding AND everyone saves money (except the Pros).

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but all spots are filled = go play in the APL.

But serious, quit whining. Nothing is happening to the damn format. The euros play like this. It's a scheduling change. Changing the schedule to accommodate more teams is EXACTLY what you do when more teams want to sign up.

Would you be happier if the PSP said, "to accomodate people who insist on having an empty field while they get cleaned off in the pits, as well as the increased participation numbers, we have extended all events by an extra day". Now you have to get more hotel rooms, more days off work, etc.

What's better, an extra day long event or making use of an empty field while you get cleaned off?

NewPro said...

To "justification for two national leagues"...Negative, its justification for waiting until this flavor of the day washes over, the event ends and everyone realizes they were jumping up and down for nothing. Two weeks from now every baller will have a Maxx rules T-shirt.

As usual, whomever thought this out (dont be bashful coach) is a genius. Knowing the teams were locked in and couldn't move and knowing that most teams will either "not notice a difference" or "Will outright welcome the change".

Situations like these are flavor of the day in the paintball world and we know the attention span of most paintballers is right up there with squirrels, so hats off to the quick decision (LOL) to introduce MAXX, (we had to due to the # of teams and the venue space , wink/wink).

Anonymous said...

Local team played this format at a Vicious event a couple years ago and liked it more that the traditional RaceTo.

Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong with the format, IMO, is the suddenness of the announcement. Next event just announce ahead of time that it's a possibility.

Though, it would be nice if there was a slight increase in prize amounts due to all the extra teams that have registered. Even a pittance may absolve some of the nay-sayers.

Baca Loco said...

I am honestly not a fan--and I'm not that kind of genius :) --but now that it's done we need to make it work and see what everyone thinks then.