Saturday, April 19, 2014

PSP MAO Layout 2014

And now for something completely different. Instead of VFTD breaking down the layout I'd like to hear your take on this layout. Yes, I'm well aware this could--and almost certainly will--go horribly wrong. The truth is I expect y'all to wuss out so my threshold for being surprised (and pleased) by your responses is remarkably low. If you don't know what to do with this layout then tell me what you think of it. Surely a significant number of you have or will play this so you must have some ideas. C'mon, you can do it. Surely you've learned something here in the past. Right?


Jeremy Rosser said...

Snake side is near worthless, middle is wayyyy to open and the dorrito side is very cluttered.
Just cant wait to see VICIOUS wreck people

Anonymous said...

Interested to see people work past s2.
My guess they try and skip it all together by using the wing to jump over to s3.
Wide lanes but the two tape lines dont have alot of shots on eachother.

bigbob21 said...

Played a d3 Tourny on it last week: winning teams slow played it, sending only 1 guy hard snake if at all. Locking it down until kill 1or2.
Our team got 3rd, we tried the slow version, we tried a fast paced version (going up to that wing and diving into snake 3/snake 50.

For our 3/4th place match, we just went out there doing silly plays.
Sending 1 or 2 to the x, sending guys reaaaally wide as distraction, etc...
It worked! We won the match 4-0 in about 4:30secs game time!

So ultimately it's up to the teams to determine how it'll play. Obviously Sunday semis/finals games will slow down...but there are moves worth gambling on.

sdawg said...

At the X - Dynarats scrimmage today, I overheard one comment of "stalemate field." The back line of bunkers invite conservative breakouts, and the non-traditional snake and arrangement of doritos not in a single column seem to invite plays up the middle.

Liam said...

Despite the open space in the middle of the field, I would've guessed that a run straight to the A wouldn't be as risky as it might seem because of all the pins blocking lanes snakeside.
I can understand the games going slower since there is that back line of bunkers, but there's actually not much the can convincingly control. I can see back players having to be more proactive in making those moves to control the opponents attack.
The bags looks the more creative side in terms of how to get up the field so i can see more short aggressive moves on this side even with coaching. Snakeside has big risks in coming round the outside of those cakes so I'd expect to see more moves from the wing in to the mini race on the 40 line.

NStoer said...

Seems like they tried to make MAO a fast D-side layout like Dallas was for the snake side. Problem is, whoever makes these fields still doesn't have a clue.

A fast D-side relies on snake side to still be decent so that teams will dedicate
3 guns that way. As soon as you want to put 3 guns on the D's (because how bad snake is, and not because you're losing that side) it will be agonizingly slow, especially with all the useless clutter they seem to love adding to what would normally be a nice ladder.

The snake-wing push and x-runs are still options but that's all they are, options. Nothing that forces you to deal with, and a good team will just sit back and fish you out.

My guess - look for Damage, Dynasty, Impact and maybe AC(?) on Sunday. X-Factor, Infamous, Vicious, and Aftershock to struggle, and Ironmen & 187 to battle for relegation. I may have screwed something up with the teams, this is just off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

Run left, shoot right. Boom game over.

Bill B. said...

If you're a team that only likes to shoot your mirror, you're in for a long day.
I see this as a field that NEEDS to be contained cross field, and up the middle... not down the tape lines, and not by gun fighting your mirror.
Front corner players better be small, fast, and ready to move on a nano-second's opportunity, cuz thats all you're getting to make the decision to make that bump or stay put .

redakuma pbnation said...

small rewards to be earned from the dorito side of the field, back center off the break from the MT can shoot d side and contain break outs to D1 or corner. A player can be run up the center can then to the center A shooting d side further to contain that wire. On the snake side tower, can are both playable off the break to contain a deep snake attack . Snake 1 has limited shots downrange or across on the d side and should be more concerned with pressing forward. Of note the tall cakes will provide decent protection from the snake corners. look for snake corners to also attack the snake either as a snake two player or as a snake one, with a delay off the break. overall looks to be a slow playing field with multiple positions for teams to lock up the field. aggression will have mixed results a more reactive/mixed attack should yield better results.

Anonymous said...

Lots of room to do damage up the middle. We played this on Saturday, although it was 4 man. I still think it holds true. Get wide, lock the field down, and push the middle when your up on bodies.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much Dave Baines had to pay the field layout creator for this setup ;)

Seems to be a back player orientated field. Perhaps I'm missing something?