Tuesday, May 20, 2014

F is for phoney?

Okay, VFTD has received a conflicting report regarding the gun (marker) confiscations at Bitburg this past weekend. See the post 'Bitburg and Beyond' if you missed it. The most recent report--from a normally impeccable source--says the story was blown all out of proportion and that no guns were taken, F stamped or not, but a warning or two was apparently issued to players openly carrying their guns off site. (It's a short walk from the venue to where most of the players stay during the event.)
Of course the original report was also from a reliable source and appeared elsewhere (on Facebook) the same day VFTD reported it.
So we have two sources and two very different stories. I'd love to hear from anyone at the event who may be able to shed some light on this business--and especially from anyone who had a marker confiscated--if indeed such a thing actually occurred.
Are we dealing with a benign story that as it was passed along from person to person became more menacing--and less and less accurate--until everyone had heard it but few knew the truth? Or is it something else? I sincerely doubt there was any malicious intent involved--certainly not on VFTD's part--but it's important now to try and get to bottom of this and see if the facts may be discovered.

UPDATE: Making some progress. Some solid info is coming in. So far it seems at least one marker was confiscated but that occurred at a road stop near Bitburg, not at the venue. There are also reports that local police were present and watching the competition on the CPL field. Additionally there were apparently some number of paintballers off site in full gear or nearly so and reports of road signs shot with paintball guns, etc. If true it's small wonder the local police took an interest in some knuckleheads doing stupid stuff. More as it comes in.


Fullbore said...

There are always shot up road signs, one never knows if it was actually done with a gun or blow-darted, or even thrown! Whatever, why these people have to do it is a mystery right thinking folk will never understand, maybe its like a dog marking a tree!

Matt Criscione said...

Cops are always trying to find blame with paintball. Once when I was working at a field a officer walked in and asked me if a marker would be able to fire a ball bearing fast enough to go through tempered glass. I couldn't give him a good answer on that, but I asked him why someone would use a paintball marker. He said that the marker was the only thing that he could think of that would cause this type of damage. I asked him if he ever heard of a slingshot? He was just looking to blame paintballers.....