Monday, May 26, 2014

The Bank Holiday

I very nearly survived the weekend. I had high hopes but that and a fiver will get you something Grande at Starbucks. With a bank holiday today--Memorial Day in the U.S.--it created the three day weekend that allowed us to schedule 3 day clinics from Saturday through today. And by us I mean Mark (Twizz) Dale of the Tigers, Tim Burnett of Shoreline and Ainsley Baddeley of the Lucky 15s and the CPPS. Honestly I just showed up, did my little song & dance, had an evening out and called it a day--times three. I've enjoyed every minute of it--except for those extra rainy ones--and can't thank everyone enough for both making this weekend possible and to all those who attended one day or another. It was a pleasure to spend time with all of you and I appreciate the hospitality and warm welcome. (It's been the only thing that's been warm however.)
For any of y'all mildly interested in what we actually did it was a bit different each day but at the core of each day were paintball fundamentals both explained and put into practical application with drills and game segment simulations toward the purpose of providing a--hopefully--more expansive and productive conception of how to play this silly game.
The Lucky 15s are a solid group of ballers and a reminder of how this game brings like-minded people together all around the world. Despite the funny accents--I of course don't have one--they're just like any close knit team anywhere and it was good fun spending a day with them. And I look forward to keeping an eye open to their future results and wishing them all the best.
Tomorrow, after I attempt to recuperate this evening, it's off to London for a few days of sightseeing and culture. It's Stafford to Euston Station then the Victoria line to Green Park then a transfer and with a bit of luck I'll end up somewhere near my hotel. First on my agenda once in the city is the National Gallery of Art, the Tate and the British Museum. And hopefully a picture of the canal boat campground. (Culture will only take you so far after all.)
I'm already looking forward to my next UK visit and the new turf field coming to CPPS. Playing in style that is. This by the way ends the VFTD travelogue for now. Next time we'll talk about how and where teams fail to properly prepare to compete.

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