Sunday, August 10, 2014

PSP Riverside Prelims

Did I call it or what? For the record I called it. For much of Friday Champs and Challengers matches were high scoring wars. Some matches featured points going back and forth with winners being the last to score. And there were matches that began like blowouts only to see their opponents come roaring back to close the gap. In the end, and despite a few late day lopsided scores the pros averaged around 9 points a match. The results produced a few surprises too. And Saturday only doubled down on the Friday madness. If you didn't spend the day spellbound watching the world's finest hammering away at each other on pristine (and remarkably sturdy) grass under crystalline blue skies you should slap yourself.
Both Russian teams made the top four. 187 Crew beat both Art Chaos and Dynasty today and are still in a relegation match. Dynasty will be fighting for a shot at the World Cup in their first relegation match Sunday morning against Houston Heat. VCK learned a hard lesson or two in their first Champions experience and also moving on to the Sunday morning semis were Damage and Impact.
Making the cut in Challengers was the surprisingly tough Revo along with the former Champions trio of Shock, X-Factor and Infamous with Shock and X-Factor competing in one semi. So Sunday will deliver not only who gets promoted just in time for Cup but also who, among the Champs, will go down and miss a shot at a professional World Cup title. 187 or VCK? Heat or Dynasty? Who will it be? Tune in and find out whose in and whose out. Will the match trends carry over to Sunday play with high-scoring seesaw affairs?
A more complete review will be coming your way on Monday or Tuesday and sometime next week we'll take a look at the layout.
Be there (or watching the webcast) or be square.

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