Tuesday, January 13, 2015

East of the Mississippi

I thought it might be amusing to play a little what if while we all await the PSP schedule for 2015. What if rumors are accurate suggesting a Nashville event will replace a west coast event? That would put the whole season schedule east of the Mississippi. Is a league that ignores have the country a national series? What makes a national series, well, national? Is it venues? Is it the draw? Is it the presence of pro teams? Or upper division teams in general that would otherwise have no place to compete?
What if there were no pro teams participating? Or the slate of pro teams was similar to those taking the field the last season of the NPPL?


Anonymous said...

Dallas is west of the Mississippi, but I get your point it's still central and east of the Mississippi.

PSP needs to figure a way back to Vegas. If the nppl could pull off a half decent Vegas turnout, PSP would be solid.

What they don't get is the Cali teams need a reason to come play. A city park in so call doesn't excite people. I'm sure if the PSP organizes an HB event they'd have nearly 200 teams. But Vegas is cheaper and they could have a good turnout there too.

Baca Loco said...

Oops. Geography fail. Still I'm glad the point was clear. I wouldn't expect any move west again for the foreseeable future.

Race To couldn't accommodate 200 teams at HB--even south of the pier--and if history holds they'd never get enough refs either.

Anonymous said...

This is why whenever I have a conversation about the future of the sport, that the idea of West and East leagues always pops up. East Coast teams compete at the East Coast events, and West Coast teams compete at the West Coast events, then World Cup would be the epic conclusion with the top contenders of each league battling to see who will take the series cup.

I would be all for closed brackets based on season performance at World Cup for the top however many teams, and then open divisions for teams that didn't make the cut, but that still want to participate.