Monday, February 9, 2015

PSP Unofficially Jumps Shark

I'm almost expecting the first official word from the league to be, "Nevermind," but who can guess anymore what the league may do. (If you'd like to add a soundtrack to this post let me suggest 'Runaway Train' as apropos.) While not offering an official statement--yet--the league has apparently confirmed they are constructing a policy requiring teams and players to only use the gear of league sponsors. How comprehensive and/or restrictive that policy will be is so far unknown. The Millennium Series has enforced a similar policy for some years though it's been limited to their locked upper divisions and early rumor has it the PSP's version will affect all divisions of play. While most of the hue and cry aimed at this "unofficial" policy has come from players they aren't the target of the policy. In the parlance of modern hostilities the players are simply collateral damage as very likely will be the self-inflicted hit the league will take. With today being the first payment deadline and mounting uncertainty about what the league is doing policy or no the league could very easily take a huge loss in participating teams at Dallas. In fact given the patterns registrations have shown in the past this Dallas looks to be off at least 15-20% over last season's Dallas opener--and that's without feeling the impact of this new policy. The real target of this policy is the marginal or tiny industry players and for them the policy is nothing short of extortion. To be even-handed the league will make the case it's only fair to all their sponsors who pay for access. What it really is is a gatekeeper policy intended to further marginalize the smaller competitors--unless they pay up. And it comes perilously close to telling their other customer base, the players, what they can and can't compete with based on a separate financial arrangement the league may or may not have with other industry parties.


Anonymous said...

New league run by the players post was ahead of it's time?

Either that or a new league run by the manufacturers who don't want to be extorted.

splatkid10 said...

The lack of professionalism from the PSP this off-season has been incredible.

If only I had the capital...

Anonymous said...

Is this not looking more and more like they are trying to mimic NASCAR policies? Sponsor cars/markers only, sponsor tires/paint only, what's next? Sponsor logos only? Sponsor beverages only? Oh wait, they already restrict BYOB, policy is to buy it all on-site!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this move constitute an increase in professionalism, rather than a lack of such? Does the fact that people may not like the change make it unprofessional.
And yes, maybe it should be 'sponsor logo's only', in fact, why is it not like that already? Nascar is a professional sport, right?
Do you ever see any professional sports where random logo's are displayed for non-sponsors?
Why should it be different in paintball?
and BYOP? Really? That went years ago, and good riddance! It was a terrible idea.

Anonymous said...

The only reason they are charging sponsors 65k to be in the league is to pay for DYE's problems. DYE owns the psp and DYE is hurting, so they are squeezing everyone for their mistakes. DYE does not give two shits about anyone in paintball or I should say the owner of DYE. Go listen to Bob Longs youtube video where he talks about this.

splatkid10 said...

Anon @ 3:25

If this was restricted to the pro division...I could kind of agree with you.

But as is it seems like this will be happening to all divisions, and in a pay-to-play environment this is not professional.

Baca Loco said...

There's a classic paintball joke for guys like you.
How do you make a small fortune in paintball?
You start with a big one.

Reiner Schafer said...

This may just be the bale of hay that broke the camel's back.

Bruce Anderson said...

What Pro teams does this decision impact directly?

Anonymous said...

All of them that aren't Dye and Kee teams?

Eclipse may be on for it, but then GI would need to be too.

Other than those ones, you've got Dynasty, RL, Damage, Heat (Luxe) and Thunder.