Wednesday, February 11, 2015

VFTD Attempts to Write PSP Press Release

Since the PSP hasn't seen fit to comment yet I thought I'd take a stab at it for them. See what you think of this:
Today the PSP is pleased to announce a revamped, new and improved, offering of sponsorship options for our industry partners. The new programs will integrate our sponsors into every level of access and promotion available to the league and deliver exciting new levels of value. All members of the industry are welcome to join with us and we look forward to building a brighter future for our players, our partners and the sport of paintball.
While individual arrangements are necessarily confidential it is important that we correct the broader misunderstandings that are causing all the present speculation.  Our sponsors rightfully expect us to value their partnership and help them promote their businesses as they support our efforts to deliver the very best competitive events in the world.

Okay, this is where I get stuck. I cannot figure out how to tell the players they're getting the shaft and make it sound like a good deal for everybody. Maybe that's why the league hasn't responded publicly yet either. Look, I get the idea and if this was restricted to sponsors of pro teams I'd understand even if I disagreed. All the pro teams gear is up on the webcast all event long and if the miserly companies won't buy enough ads to help prop up PBA we'll find another way to tax 'em. Sure, why not? Of course nobody has said this has anything to do with the webcast though and the info that has leaked is from this year's sponsorship packages the league sends to potential industry supporters. So it seems to me this is a PSP decision (whether Dave demanded it or not.) [Hey could it be the divisional impact is restricted to those teams that appear on the Sunday webcast? It would be a little easier to swallow if true.] Right now too little is known with any clarity to do more than guess. My first guess is anyone waiting for an official statement on this topic best not hold their breath. Best the public is gonna get is a clarification of the impact on divisional players. Bigger and badder rumors in the background only serve to further confuse matters but the end game here goes one of two ways; it further tightens industry's grip on the competitive game or it opens a door to new opportunities. It's pretty much always been the former in the past. Maybe this time things will be different.


NewPro said...

You hit the nail on the head...errr face

If it was restricted to the pro division, theere should be no objections because of the "free" advertisements those companies recieve.

Every other Pro league has restrictions with regards to gear,logos, names, etc.

What is that space(es) worth, not for me to say. Did they fumble on the goal line, yes and no. they scored in the short term because of the commitments by the Mfg/players to Dallas<----see shady.

If the PSP would've gottem out in front of this trainwreck and you so eloquently pointed out, the disaster may have dyed there..instead it didn't dye, it has grown into a campaign of anti-psp, anti-dye, I hate Dehaan, paintball is gay. Did they really think someone was gonna keep this secret?

splatkid10 said...

Bob Long's video was great fuel on the fire. He threw his opinion out there and threw a price tag on what the PSP wanted. He also didn't direct his comments at Pro teams or Divisional teams - so to your point Baca we still don't know the impact.

I am wondering why Pando hasn't let out some sort of newsflash...could things be so dire that his tenure was that short lived?

This may be about as ripe an opportunity as ever for a new national league, but we all know how that usually goes...

Baca Loco said...

From what I hear it would be a mistake to believe this was a unified PSP policy when released to potential sponsors. Or that there is a clear plan today for how to handle this as a practical matter at events with divisional teams.

Pando would need to know first wouldn't he?

The vultures are definitely circling.

Mark said...

Like my Daddy used to tell me before he left this shitty world, "Rome wasn't burnt in a day."

splatkid10 said...

Mark - Do you mean wasn't "built in a day"?

Baca - is it presumptuous for me to assume that the PSP's Director of Marketing should have these sort of details!?!?

Oh and where's Chuck Hendsch???

Baca Loco said...

He meant burnt. :)
No but you're assuming facts not in evidence.
Chuck has a cow for sale and he's looking for a bag of magic beans.

Anonymous said...

“We feel [the psp] that all of our merchants and sponsorship contributors must be given the equitable environment and value for their money as it concerns varying packages available with Paintball Sports Promotions. This is not a “new thing”. The “new” enforcement of a long-understood agreement between the PSP, players and companies for 2015 may seem to be the excitement of a few nay-sayers but such rules have always been on the PSP books- we have always required some involvement of equipment produced by manufacturers to be certified safe [he means ATSM] or for the manufacturer to be directly involved in our league before said equipment can be taken onto the field. This is not only a concern of business but one of ultimate safety.

While some “trolls” will say that this is “unfair” or “wrong” to require what is reasonably safe playing equipment as well as the realities of capitalism, it is the purpose of the PSP to support our sponsors to the degree by which a successful business can be run and the level by which these companies are willing to take stock in the PSP, the paintball community and its players as a whole. In no other professional paintball league is our program or one like it available or even remotely possible. We offer not only the greatest media coverage of Pro games in the World, but the highest class of amateur events inviting more and more regional and local teams every year.

Likewise, there is a real support system needed which Paintball Sports Promotions provides to the paintball community. We cannot ignore the financial realities of running such an operation.”

“As many people know, the PSP was created to give paintball players a place to play paintball and paintball businesses a place to do business. People forget that before the Paintball Sports Promotions, world class venues which catered to merchants and season long company involvement were simply what “the other guys” weren’t able to do. Before the PSP there was no real paintball season, no open marketplace where internet paintball retail could come together, no statistics, no year long, brilliant webcast or franchise organization for our long-time investors. After the PSP however and there has been no other service or product in paintball that offers so much organization for so little a cost while helping to build the brands of our respective colleagues. By providing top-notch event services, there are countless brands which have developed clientele thanks to our system.”


“80% of players will NOT be affected. Our estimate based on current statistics says that 90% of players who regularly involve themselves in the PSP will NOT be affected six months from now and that nearly 98% of them already have an acceptable and tournament ready “backup” or “replacement” marker, apparel, masks, etc. based on our estimates of possible companies who might not make themselves available to our league this year.

The practical difference is that we are not only implementing a fair playing field for our players- but for all of our sponsors.”

Anonymous said...


“With any business, there are moments when choices must be made. The PSP has always interpreted our role as a service and amiable medium for customers and players to meet and match themselves with the very best paintball companies in the World. This gives the World a place where the sport at large can “grow” and these paintball companies can work together to build something bigger than themselves. From around the World, people have taken our example and made a success of their businesses. There is no other story like Paintball Sports Promotions and we invite many more to share in our success.

We understand that some players will have gear or equipment that will be displaced from use in our league. We would enthusiastically prefer that everyone be capable of doing business in this arena- an environment that more often than not has proven to be THE standard in tournament paintball by which to do business.

Thank you for your understanding. We are looking forward to our year’s first event in Dallas a month from now and can’t wait to see all of our friends.
Thanks again;


Anonymous said...

Baca Loco said...

Truer words have seldom been spoken