Monday, September 13, 2010

The Monday Poll

There's a little chatter out in the cyberpaintball universe about either losing more pro teams this coming off season or seeing pro teams forced to pick a league to play. The former is certainly possible but I know there are teams taking a hard look at picking one league. This week's poll let's you predict who will play in the PSP's pro division next year. (And next week we'll see who you think will be playing NPPL. And, hey, who knows, I might even be able to milk it for a third week.) Again, this week's poll offers a list of teams and you may pick as many of them as you think will be playing in the PSP pro division in 2011.
Who knows, if you pick them they may play. What have you got to lose? Like two minutes of your life? That's nothing to a paintball player. Get crackin'. Vote.

UPDATE: I intentionally left any and all D1 teams off the possible list not because 1 or 2 might not give it a go but because I'm being cruel and judgmental.

UPDATE II: I left the Euros off too although there is a chance some of them might be in the running. I left them off because most of the insulated, self-absorbed North American audience is basically clueless. Why if you only knew how desperately the Euroballer wants to be like you you'd take more interest in them.

Monday Poll in Review
Not only are y'all a gaggle of lazy slackers you also obviously suffer a sense of humor deficit. I don't say that unkindly but it's apparent in your responses to last week's poll question: Why do referees huddle? Most (dare I suggest far too many?) of you took this way too seriously. On the other hand the poll is kinda loaded against the referees either by making fun of them or suggesting certain perverse interests on their part. Only one answer is vaguely positive--confer to make the correct call--and 21% of you went that way. (Brown nosers.) Actually I had no idea so many refs read VFTD. Thanks guys! The rest of the choices are just cheap and not so cheap shots. I mean, come on, huddling after flags are thrown and calls are made? What's a semi-rational individual supposed to think. Seriously? Anyway, it's a thankless job and we should all be grateful there are guys who blah blah blah.


Mike said...

You left off Vendetta as well.
But I guess that's cause you don't like Canada ;)

Baca Loco said...

One reason I left Vendetta out is because the chances the owner would keep the team together to play xball is slim to none. Then there's the whole Canadian thing ...