Monday, September 27, 2010

The Monday Poll

Let's assume that as hardcore ballers you want as many competitive options as possible in an ideal world. But since this isn't an ideal world you will need to make the hard choice. Not about which league you will compete in--but about which league will survive. This week's Monday Poll is simple: Competitive Paintball would be better off -- ?

I've always favored the two league scenario but it is becoming increasingly clear that the old model for running a national event series no longer works and what may be needed now is a consolidation of the remaining industry sponsorship to get behind one league or the other in order to get beyond the present hard times and unite the effort to move competitive paintball forward.

Here's your chance to sound off--and vote for the future you think best. Do it now. Before it's too late.

Monday Poll in Review
Wow, I could almost feel the waves of apathy from here. Last week's poll got a little more than half the usual number of votes. Either most of you didn't care or are already half convinced the NPPL is headed the way of the Dodo. (Did you realize there were living Dodos into the late 17th century on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar? What, the Disney cartoon? Yeah, that's right.) And those of you who did vote--thanks, I appreciate it--also seem to have your doubts either about the league or the teams, or both. The vote doesn't indicate the voters took the whole pro teams gotta choose a league talk all that seriously as the top voter getters played both leagues in '09 and were also top vote getters in the recent PSP poll. However, the NPPL poll results were very soft suggesting a lot of uncertainty. Placing the cut at 50% only 4 teams received enough votes to equal or break that percentage. Dynasty was on top at 60% with Impact, Damage & Vendetta all at 50%. Among the traditional 7-man teams the other high vote getters were XSV (46%), Infamous (49%), Blast (46%), Dogs (46%), & Avalanche (42%). The rest of the current league had numbers mostly in the 20s ranging as low as X-Factor's 11%. However you want to shake those numbers out they don't express a lot of confidence in the NPPL or the current roster of pro teams.

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