Monday, September 20, 2010

The Monday Poll

Here we go again. Same poll, different league. This week it's which teams will be playing in the pro division of the NPPL in 2011. And look, if you feel strongly a team I left out ought to be on the list make your case. For all I know ex-members of all the past Aftermath teams will get together and become AfterAftermath and start a new team to take paintball by storm. Could happen.
Just like last week you can vote for as many teams as you like but there's no point in voting for them all. That's the same as voting for nobody. What will the NPPL look like in 2011? You tell me. Vote.

Monday Poll in Review
It's definitely interesting to see what y'all think is likely to happen. I'm placing the will play PSP Pro next year cutoff at two-thirds of the vote. Partly because that looks about right to me and partly because nobody else receiving votes even reached 50% so there is a clear and wide line separating those above two-thirds from everyone else. If correct there will be 7 teams in the PSP Pro bracket next year (and the league will scramble to find an 8th.) Even the top vote recipients (Russian Legion & Vicious) only received 80% of the vote which suggests to me that either there's some lack of confidence in virtually any and every team or maybe even some lack of confidence in the league. (Or it could be all the pessimistic talk is so ingrained it's hard not to assume the worst.) Following close behind are Ironmen (77%) and Damage (75%) with Dynasty (71%), Infamous (69%) & Impact (67%) filling out the rest of the list.
Of the remaining 2010 PSP Pro teams the votes likely reflect a mixture of support and the swirling rumors that abound. Aftermath was receiving votes in the line with those teams that made the cutoff until around mid-week last week the news leaked that Aftermath had broken up again. Aftershock, X-Factor, Entourage and XSV all broke the 20% mark but topped out at Shock's 43%. None of the other teams listed reached 20%.
On closer examination it's probably fair to suggest the teams that made the cut are perceived to be the best supported & sponsored teams and that almost certainly effected the poll results, too. Are these teams the 2011 PSP Pro division? Looks a lot like what I would have guessed, that's for sure. Will they all make the cut? Who else will be there? Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

u r missing the "none - the league went bankrupt" option.

Baca Loco said...

Sure, but where's the fun in that?