Friday, October 8, 2010

The Championship Season

The next three weeks will determine the outcome of the competitive paintball 2010 season. NPPL Vegas has already started the first divisional games of the day. I'm traveling light so no computer this weekend, no posts until a Monday wrap-up of the event. I'm planning on bringing good news--at least good as I would define it--but whatever happens I'll deliver the inside view. It would be foolish to call a season with 2 wins out of four events a failure but anything less than the series will be a disappointment. That's just the reality of the situation.

Today is the last official day to register for WC. So far paid has jumped to 197. 11 more slots in Race 2-2 and 39 unpaid in Race 2-X. I'm seeing quite a few team names I expect to see playing. I think by next Tuesday we could see final numbers close to 240. I hope we do anyway.

Last week a new recruit joined the Deadbox Puppet Army. Thanks, ibra5. Welcome! What's the matter with the rest of you lazy slackers?

There's another Baca's Mailbag in the works. Got a question? Post it up in comments or drop me an email. (The link is on the sidebar. D'oh.) And if you have so little self-respect you'd like to follow an angry tweeter hit the link in the sidebar for VFTD Tweets and together we can take our communal self-loathing to a whole new high.


Mike said...

I've followed your blog for way too long to not know what the Deadbox Puppet Army is or how you join.

But I really have no clue.


houdini said...

Congrats to TBD on their great win at NPPL. It was a pleasure to watch them in action. Great way to end the NPPL season... and we even caught glimpses of the elusive Baca beyond the nets. Hope you all survive Vegas tonight!!!

Jii said...

Congrats! Now just rinse and repeat for the PSP Cup!

Baca Loco said...

I re-named the Google followers function the Deadbox Puppet Army 'cus I'm not a fan of "followers" which has a kind of creepy cult vibe.

Thanks. The kids were solid, hungry and determined and stepped up to the opportunity.
Our wild celebration was limited to 5 minute showers, a quick run to the airport, sandwiches for dinner and most everybody headed straight for work or school this (Monday) morning.

Gonna give it our best shot.

Simon said...

Congratulations on the win Paul. See you all in Florida. :)