Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Pro Field

The event layout is much more convenient for the divisional players this year as it's a more open and accessible layout without all the winding ways between, around and thru the vendors like last year. With lots of new stuff and easy access the vendors should see lots of positive foot traffic, checking things out of their own volition this time around. The pro field remains in the back past the vendors so you still have to walk through the vendors area to reach the pro field. (We just park all the way in the back and the PSP gives us a wink and a nod.) The field was still being prepared around 4 pm this afternoon. All the bunkers were in place but the dead boxes, scoreboards, etc. were still in process of being set-up and activated.
There were also a couple of items of interest. Ever notice the first 7 or 8 feet of netting from the ground up is also blacked out? (It's not so's you can't see the action unless you're in the grandstands.) It's because seeing through the netting, particularly if there's another field, is assumed to be a serious distraction. And I guess we're going to find out as the league hasn't blacked out the common wall the pro field shares with the CXPL field. Also, there are remote cameras up on many of the support poles about 6 feet off the ground all around the inside of the pro field. Nobody I spoke with knew what that was all about--or claimed they didn't anyway. (I just tried to call Lane but for some reason his phone went to voice mail and a familiar voice said, "Get the hell off my phone. I have all the aggravation I need already" or something similar. When I find out what that's all about I'll let you know.

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Running events, especially paintball events is stressing as hell. Everyone should try it once, just to be able to say "I did it without having a breakdown".