Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little Light Housekeeping

I'm taking a breather today from all the heavy topic stuff of the last few days. Partly because I've had my knuckles rapped with the ruler (again) (mostly for just generally pissing off certain people) and partly because Mr. Curious has a couple of revelations in the pipeline he's not ready to release just yet--some top secret industry shens is all he'll tell me. (I hope to have postworthy info next week.)
There will be a new The Monday Poll on Monday. It will be a completely self-serving poll.
VFTD will also have a report (and pics) next week on the crazy game Shoreline is running (Real Extreme Paintball) on some nameless Dalmatian coast island this weekend (even as I post.)
Requests have come in for a review of the upcoming WCPPL event layout and I'll try to post something during the weekend.
If you missed hearing the news CFP (Central Florida Paintball) received the (near?) unanimous support of the county commissioners at a hearing on the 12th of July which will allow the field to continue offering the best tourney fields in Florida to a lot of paintballers. Well done to all involved and a special thanks to everyone who supported CFP especially those able to appear at the hearing.
Finally VFTD would like to offer a belated thanks and welcome to the most recent recruits to the Deadbox Puppet Army; CTTA Global, Patrick Sheegog & Gary Baum of who has recently posted some cool aerial footage of D-Day Oklahoma 2011. World domination is on the horizon. (Too bad I couldn't copyright the world domination schtick since everybody and his cousin Elmo has been ripping it off lately.)

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