Monday, October 24, 2011

The Monday Poll: The Merger Pool

Okay, this week (Yes, I'ma talk about Cup, just not right this minute) The Monday Poll wants your predictions for when, or if, a merger announcement between the PSP & the NPPL will be made. I'll give you a range of general options--and as per usual (most of) you will be lazy slackers and not bother to vote. What, more merger stuff? Yes, more merger stuff mostly because the powers that be spent most of WC weekend sequestered deep in important (and time consuming) merger talks. [I'm trying, even as I type, to get my hands on their bar tab. Just kidding.] So I'm thinking if they spent all that time working on possibility of moving forward we could be close to some sort of announcement. And what better way to commemorate the historic move than to conduct another lame, inconsequential The Monday Poll! So look over the options carefully and then vote, vote, vote. Okay, just vote. It would be cheating to vote, vote, vote. There are federal election laws against that sort of thing--at least there used to be.

Oh, and if you'd like to indulge in a little cross promotional consumerism over at Baddog's Facebook page they are doing a Merger Pool Giveaway. First person to correctly pick the date the merger is announced (or pronounced dead) wins a free Tampa Bay Damage NexGen goggle strap.

Monday Poll in Review
If you are expecting me to chide y'all for picking poorly I'm not going to do that. Being the third most popular vote is fine with me. That, and I consider the source. (Think about that for a second. Yeah, that's right.) And of course these sorts of things really do tend to be popularity contests and I have no illusions about which pro teams are the most popular and rightly so as both Dynasty & the Russians have been top teams for many years.
If you're confused last week's poll was to pick the winner of the PSP World Cup in the pro division.
I figure the vote count was a bit low 'cus lots of regulars were either at Cup or didn't feel qualified to make a choice--though that obviously didn't stop the Brits from a spot of patriotic wishful thinking. (Nexus did a fine job and for first timers to the PSP pro division acquitted themselves quite well regardless of the match results.) Of the the 12 teams competing 9 teams got votes. Of those left out the Ironmen receiving no votes was the most egregious considering that they've consistently been competing for a top spot all season. 72% of the vote went to the top three teams receiving votes; Dynasty, Russia & Damage and those were the top three finishers as well--in that order, 3, 2 and 1. The next two highest vote recipients were Impact and Nexus, followed by Shock and Infamous.


Anonymous said...

Baca...I admit I was a little toasty as I watched the webcast Sunday. But, am I crazy or did Damage win the first two points only to have one of them awarded to BRL?

I could swear Damage won the first point...then, during the second point, Matty and Dave got to talking, and when Damage scored again, Matty announced Damage tied it up. I thought, "no...Damage just went up 2-0". But, the score never got corrected, and nothing was ever said about it.

What happened?

Baca Loco said...

Maybe more than a little toasty. ;-) We definitely lost the first point. Russia did get a major penalty called on them but we were all dead. We won the second point and carried some of the penalty time over but we got a major on the third point.
We traded points until it was 3-2 them. At that point we ran off 4 straight. It says so on my clipboard and my clipboard never lies.

Anonymous said...

Your clipboard was, indeed, spot on, assuming it holds your play calls, too.

Well done on the World Cup Championship.

It was a pleasure to watch!