Monday, October 17, 2011

The Monday Poll

It's World Cup week so what else can VFTD possibly do for The Monday Poll other than offer y'all an opportunity to pick the Pro winner. I'm even gonna let you vote thru Saturday night so some of you slackers can cheat and make sure your choice at least reaches Sunday. And don't forget Cade's Pick'em action at PBN in the PSP forum. I heard he was giving prizes out this year. (No links. You know where to look and I'm busy.) (Oh, and about the prizes--I was lying but it would be fun if everyone asked him if he was giving out prizes, wouldn't it?) Okay, that's it. You know what to do. Vote.

Monday Poll in Review
Well, that was special wasn't it? As it turns out last week's poll is largely moot given that the PPV broadcast of NPPL Vegas is more of an On Demand kinda thing (apparently) that will be available around January/February (apparently.) Although I did learn something new. If you want the latest news on the NPPL don't go the NPPL website. Don't go the NPPL Facebook page. Go to Pev's Facebook page. Who knew?
About the numbers. If the event had been PPV this is what y'all said you'd be willing to pay. 9% weren't interested at all. We don't know if that's a NPPL thing or just a paintball thing. 33% were willing to watch but have been spoiled by past freebies (and are probably broke ass students) and will only watch if its free. Of course since the premise was PPV they's out of luck. 8% claimed to be willing to pop for $5 bucks a day. 21% would go $10 for the weekend. 12% were willing to kick in $25 for the weekend. Every other option was 5% or less and I'm not sure what the margin of scientific error is on this sort of poll (but it's probably off the chart.) Even so I'm inclined to think those who said they'd pay $50 for the weekend are probably board members of the NPPL. Anyway, nothing really new. Around 40% wouldn't pay. Of the remaining 60% nearly half were in the around $5 a day range. What that means for an edited post production On Demand NPPL Vegas offering I don't know.
What would you pay for a one or two time viewing? Would you pay more for a downloadable version?

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CadeX said...

Thanks for the plug Baca, and no it would not be funny. I hear that the boys from PPB will be on site. I'll get some beers and we can form a 'did ya hear about' group. See you at Cup.