Monday, October 10, 2011

Return of The Monday Poll

Hey, hey, hey. Finally, something different. (Between you and me I was beginning to bore myself. No wise cracks. Not that the player performance thing is boring but everybody needs a change of pace now and again. Which reminds me--I could use a few mailbag questions. I'm almost desperate enough to answer some. Not that I'm whining, you understand.) So here's the deal.
I finally broke down and started reviewing the major paintball websites for something, anything of interest worth talking about. Bzzzzt! Nada. Cup is coming up--so where's X-Factor?--and tomorrow is the last day to get your entry in. Last time I checked there were already 240 teams plus ready to go. And the NPPL kids were around 90 teams for Vegas--last I checked--with time to spare. All good but not particularly exciting. So imagine my surprise to remember hearing about Vegas being a PPV event. (I wonder who is fronting the cheese to attract those mice. And is the league gonna deliver more than two snake wire cameras? I mean they have to, right? Hopefully they'll do a better job of getting that word out than they have the option of signing up to play D4 7-man at Vegas. Oh yes you can. Apparently y'all are better off visiting NPPL's Facebook page than the website.)
Here's the thing about PPV. That first P stands for pay. And this time around they don't mean out of their pockets, they are expecting you to pay. If you're at least as old as a couple pairs of my shoes you'll remember this has been tried before. I'm curious what you think the likely result will be. Will it work? Is a NPPL webcast good enough to pay for? But all that is for comments.
The poll is gonna ask you how much would you be willing to shell out to see the NPPL Vegas PPV? I'ma give you lots of choices--but not so many it confuses you--and you pick the max amount you'd be willing to pay. Sound like fun? Okay, fun may be pushing it but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye. (It is so.)
What are you waiting for? Vote already, dammit.


nickgibson said...

Ill pay because I love the game but if its just gonna be the same garbage it was on the last webcast I would never play there games again

Anonymous said...

I'd only pay for a PSP quality-like webcast

Anonymous said...

God damn it Baca, I voted 30$ before reading your blog entry and assumed you ment PSP webcast. Should add NPPL webcast to the poll, and then I would pay absolutely nothing as they are boring as fuck games to watch.

Im pretty sure I'm not alone answering the question like it would be PSP webcast weekend. Please modify the poll wording.

Gabriel Oli said...

Well.. If its something similar to the HB webcast,which in my opinion was very very good in terms of camera angles (the boom camera hovering over the snake was pretty badass) but like a gizzillion times better, I'd actually consider paying for it.

But if its something like the last webcast, which made me vomit a few times in mouth, and before I knew it I had already swallowed it down again.. NO

And while I'm here.. I might as well rant a bit.. I dont like.. I actually hate.. DESPISE the PSP wecast's shitty "replays". By shitty I mean poorly edited or captured. If you dont have something actually worth replaying, then dont. I also dont like how Matty has to interrupt what he's saying to watch a replay and then have him say "ohh.. yea.. you cant really see it, but I think he was hit or.." or something similar.

Anonymous said...

I also voted I'd pay before I saw it was NPPL. The Youtube uploads were a joke. I'd only pay for a PSP webcast.

Anonymous said...

NPPL for free - i'll take a look
PSP for a fee - yes, please!


Anonymous said...

I woudl have said $5, but now I feel pressured by the NPPL haters to say 'No way would I ever watch anything with NPPL in it. PSP4lyfe etc."

The way I figure, the NPPL pioneered webcasts, and have done some excellent ones. If ITV360 are doing it then it will be really good, as they have all the gear and plenty of experience. ITV360=win, and if they do it the NPPL guys will absolutely love it. If it's done half-ass (not through ITV360) then the PSP crowd will absolutely love it, and when I say 'love it', I mean 'love to hate it', obviously.

Baca Loco said...

Most recent Anon
I had no idea the impact mostly anonymous comments could have on anonymous commenters. Talk about your peer pressure. And to think I thought that mostly affected the junior high crowd.

And I'm pretty sure the real bottom line is gonna be how many "NPPL guys" are there willing to pay anything for the NPPL's product?

Anonymous said...

While I concur that the Junior High Crowd are definitely shy self-conscious NPPL lovers (bodes well for the future?), and are repeatedly kept down by the PSP 'Hate-fans'; I refute the accusation that I myself am such an individual. I choose to post anonymously regarding matters with the leagues because I have good connections on both sides of the fence, and aim to keep 'em.

If I were the NPPL though, I would run a 'PPH' forum connected to their webcast, where people could post 'Pay per Hate' messages in a smack-talk-style box to the right of the feed. They can really get stuck in, and are free to slander both the league and it's teams (and any other team they like), for $1 per hate-post.
I'd clean up. It could be the best way to earn money from paintballers since Hooters was invented....

Anonymous said...

What's in it for me as a customer?

I can watch hours of paintball for free on the internet.

The webcasts are tapping a dry well. I don't care (besides the final match*).

Anonymous said...

The poll says "professional" webcast, so I naturally assumed you meant PSP webcast. Fortunately there is a "change your vote" link at the bottom of the poll.

Baca Loco said...

5:39 Anon
You could say much the same thing about most any sporting activity and probably lotrs of other hobby or recreational activities.
Fair enough if what you're saying is your level of interest doesn't rise above a threshold that requires you to pay to view but that's not really got much if anything to do with other examples of competitive paintball being available on the web.