Monday, September 24, 2012

Dateline: Denmark

Or, as some will suggest, that's just Copenhagen. They all talk funny there. Ask  a city native and the story will be a bit different of course, country bumpkins can barely feed themselves. [Not actual conversations. Just my interpretation. Your results may vary.]
If you've been keeping up over at VFTD: FB (Facebook, d'oh!) you'll be aware I was doing a first of it's kind team clinic this past weekend in Copenhagen. (And before you get any ideas, it's not the jet-set life it's the jet-lag life.) If you weren't keeping up, now you know.
The concept behind the clinic isn't the usual individual skills and technique training but something, I think, that is considerably more valuable to established teams--an integrated process that breaks the game down into its component elements and using a combination of practical theory and easily replicable drills focusing on the team aspects of the game; how to be a team, a more cohesive team, and how to play as a unit as opposed to 5 individuals on the paintball field--the goal is improvement as a team. And the way the process works it leaves the participating teams with routines and practice habits they can incorporate into their team training and tourney prep for the future. If you're not exactly sure what all that means--well, I guess, you'll just have to attend the next one and find out.
As this was a first for me as well I came away having learned a lot too. As a result I will be fine tuning the process and making improvements. In some respects it's almost too much info for 2 days--and I'm not good at paring things down, I'm good at getting side-tracked and distracted and trying to throw everything and the kitchen sink into the mix--so I've got to be more disciplined in my approach and not try to do everything all at once.
Anyway, everyone was very friendly and attentive (unlike at home, you lazy bastards) and my hosts, Extreme Paintball (Jesper, Rene & Nick) went above and beyond to make my time in Denmark a pleasure. Thanks one and all.

Shameless Plug: If any field or team has an interest in discussing the prospects of a team clinic in your area drop me a line using VFTD's email (see sidebar) or hit me up on Facebook anytime. (Maybe it will prove to worth something after all. Facebook, that is.)


MK said...

To all teams thinking that a clinic of this sort could be worth it.. don't hesitate! It's all very much worth it!

And to Paul.. You can get side tracked all you want! There wasn't a single thing coming out that wasn't worth listening to. Rather getting an overload of information than feeling things were left out.

Thanks again for a superb clinic!

Nick Brockdorff said...

What a blast this weekend was!

In my 23+ years in paintball, it is the first time a clinic taught me something new (quite a few things actually), and I highly recommend fields and teams around the world, sign up for a Paul Richards clinic (except those that compete with my team - nothing to see here - move along :P)

This is NOT your run of the mill pro clinic, where some dude is teaching you to snap shoot, run and gun (which it is not called anymore ;)), or other individual skills.

This builds (or rebuilds) your team, and teaches you to be a better team player (on a personal level) and to adopt a winning formula (on a team level).

Anonymous said...

So,how much will a clinic run me in the UK? Or do you keep the fee close to your chest, like the MS?
Just saying.

Baca Loco said...

TufShotMedia Hunter Dallas on Facebook will get you the videos

It's a bargain at any price. Nor do I discriminate just becuause you're in the UK. ;) If you're interested drop me a line.