Thursday, September 27, 2012

NITPN: Mills, Mills & More

Not In The Paintball News this week is a bunch of Millennium news--and more. Let's begin with their so-called World Cup at Paris-Disney (dueling Cups anyone?) The big numbers have the Board contemplating a fifth event for next season. Word is some potential sites are already under consideration. In more immediate news the MS has, at the last second, made available a new 'Masters' format--aimed at the aging baller--that bears a strong resemblance to the Formula Fives out of the UK. Why, after the MS has moved to integrate their Xball Lite formula top to bottom would they introduce an all new format? The answer may lie in the bunker set as the new "Classic" division also introduces brand new "props" which appear to be prefabricated wall and corner pieces that fit together. The result is a standardized cross between a rec village and pallet style field that can be easily replicated. And provides Sup'Air with an all new product line. The PSP may have grudgingly accepted the technical snake and upgrade kits but at least they didn't create a whole new division of manufactured play in order to sell Sup'Air stuff. That said it was pointed out to me in a conversation earlier today that Sup'Air's new city props might be a good match with JT's Splatmaster line or seamlessly integrated into Airsoft or laser tag play. Finally rumor has it that Laurent Hamet has said a brand new and comprehensive rule book will be released before next season. Rumor also has it the rule book will be accompanied by a complimentary rule book for refs as well. Given that a new rule book has been in the offing for years I'll believe it when I can download it. (And if it does come out feel free to thank me then.)
VFTD reported some months ago that Facefull had--once again--discontinued publication and apparently that fact has finally been noticed at--Facefull--who recently announced they are going on hiatus--again. You say hiatus I say dirt nap.
Shoreline Ltd., the UK promoters who are the driving force behind the new 'The Paintball Show' got the good news just the other day that the network (one of the independent Euro ones, SKY or something) wanted them to expand the show from 60 minutes to 90 minutes on the basis of seeing the first two shows--which haven't aired yet. I mention it because it's soon to be paintball on TV--the Holy Grail after all--and because I am wondering what they could possibly do with ninety minutes that won't drive the average viewer to an alcoholic stupor. The episodes will be available via internet after their broadcast debut.
In a similar vein Social PB has jumped into the video paintball news biz with the Social Weekly News. The first episode was, on the whole, pretty good. I'm curious to see if enough happens week to week to provide sufficient content but it's a nice addition to everything Social is doing.
And kudos to PBAccess for upping the ante with 'The Hot Seat' interview(s). The first was with Rusty Glaze, new coach of Dynasty, and features some tougher questions which allow the viewer some insights into what Rusty is thinking and how he will approach his new job. It may have lacked fireworks but was solidly informative and well worth viewing. (You're welcome.)
In closing Mr. Curious has heard the whispered rumor that Impact is looking to get back into the PSP as a full time Pro division participant next season. If true it's clear Bart wants Impact to be relevant (and a serious Pro division contender) but a move back to the PSP would be an acknowledgement the the team needs the PSP to make their bones, wouldn't it? (Which wouldn't do anything good for the NPPL's reputation.) Match that with hints that some high profile Pro teams may drop out due to continuing sponsorship austerity measures and the NPPL could be a tough spot.


Lawrence said...

I can answer the Social question:

While it's called the "Social Paintball News", we're going to try and make it a little more than just that...consider it a paintball variety show! The entire show is a work in progress, which includes the name, and to answer your question: no. There is not enough "news" within a week to perpetuate a 5 min webshort, so we're going to be creative with it :)

Baca Loco said...

I can already envision Israel's contribution, "Booty of the Week" :)

Anonymous said...

This weeks SP Paintball news was OK, but one thing struck me about Israel's contribution:

"There's a huge sense of apathy in the industry from top to bottom, what do you guys think about that?"

...and then he doesn't qualify that statement with examples of said apathy or ANYTHING. You can call it a "conversation starter" or what have you, I see it as pointless shit to fill up time on the segment.

Anonymous said...

addendum: Just for the record, I would have preferred "booty of the week" lol

Israel said...

Coach, you know me too well.

Anonymous said...

Pieces that lock together? Lego may sue. Just saying.

Fullbore said...

IMO the first two paragraphs of this entry have pretty much all the right words in pretty much all the right order. The last two I can't really comment on.

Anonymous said...

In one of your earlier posts you talked about only being as strong as your weakest member? In the lower divisions would you want everybody to know the entire field or just have good communication? In the pro division do you have your guys break down the entire field and know how to play every position or just their role?

Baca Loco said...

1055 Anon
Ideally I want everyone to know the whole field and we work on our versatility all the time. That said, as a practical matter available practice time, field release dates, limited resources and so on impact just how much time can be spent in preparing to compete--and there are other priorities to consider. So the answer is you aim high, do the best you can to co9ver all the bases and go play.

Anonymous said...

Re: Facefull/paintball mags

Just a few years ago, whenever I went into Barnes and Noble, they always had a few paintball mags (APG, Facefull, PB2X, Paintball Sports, Paintball Games International), now they have zero. They do have a few Airsoft mags, but zero paintball at my local store.