Thursday, May 16, 2013

CPS Paris on Livestream

If you're not playing Bunkerfest or CFPS event #3 this weekend--or perhaps getting your grind on for MS Bitburg (two weeks out)--or you're simply jonesing for some tourney action you may want to check out some of the matches from last weekend's CPS Paris event on Livestream. Of course if you are playing Bitburg taking in some of the CPS action will give you a head's up on how the Bitburg layout plays with the opportunity to watch some of the Millennium's CPL pros competing. Or if you are a student of the competitive game--not to say a paintball nerd--it's an opportunity to watch for differences in very similar layouts (PSP MAO & MS Bitburg) and the contrasting styles apparent in the European and American games.
I don't recall if Livestream requires registration or not but if it does it's dead simple--otherwise I wouldn't have done it. And while the quality of the webcast isn't up to the PBA/PSP standard it offers a good view across the field and a strong snake presence so you can get a good look at breakouts, shooting lanes and the snake wire action. The CPS brought over Matty to do the commentary and while he lacked some familiarity with the teams it's a plus for all the English-speaking only audience.
The one truly unique feature of the CPS webcast is the diversity of teams shown. Their webcast isn't limited to pro team action or even exclusively upper division action as they offer matches across all the divisions competing at the event. So, next time you're bored check out the CPS action and if you are a member of a divsional team and would like to see yourselves on an event scale webcast the CPS may be the ticket.


Anonymous said...

Just watched part of it. It is a much better production then the MS first event was. I didn't bother to try to watch any euro webcast after that one. Even still it is amazing how the psp makes these leagues look like backyard paintball. The bunkers at the CPS are a wreck. In the webcast it looks like they haven't even attempted to keep them clean. The psp always looks professional.

Nick Brockdorff said...

Bitburg is 1 week out buddy :)

Baca Loco said...

Practice this weekend, the tourney next weekend. 2 weeks out.:)

Nick Brockdorff said...

Ah, misunderstood the wording ;)