Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Poll in Review

The wretched and worthless poll is over and Blogger is also wretched and worthless when it comes to dealing with these sorts of idiosyncratic errors. Mostly because they don't really care all that much unless a problem becomes systemic. Anyway--the final tally was seven. Votes. 4 favored the top Challengers playing the bottom Champs for the opportunity to move up but so what? The polls are supposed to be fun and give the VFTD community a snapshot of what you think of the latest trends or topics in competitive paintball but when the gadget don't work we are all up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Besides ruining this last poll it also means I probably won't be attempting another until I can get some answers as to what went wrong this time. In the meantime find something to amuse yourselves on Mondays; work, school, inventing better hangover recipes, the usual.

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