Monday, May 13, 2013

The Monday Poll: Read Before You Vote

This is the last time--for now--that I'ma bring up relegation and promotion and I'm only doing it because I want to know what you think. (And if you believe that I have some pristine wetlands commercially zoned for your immediate development. Cheap.) I think most everyone agrees that some form of relegation/promotion is a good idea but I want a clearer idea of how the differing opinions shake out. Not like it will influence anybody. (The PSP.) But as they say in all the gambling disclaimers purely for entertainment purposes only. So here's the deal. The poll only addresses promo and relegation between the Champions division and the Challengers division. Got that? Good. A vote for keeping it the same would be a vote for event-to-event as is. One alternative would be promo & relegation at the end of the season only. Another would be no automatic relegation and promotion but would instead feature lowest ranked Champions versus highest ranked Challengers in head-to-head match-ups. Or a return to the status quo; no relegation or promotion period. Lastly you may choose other if you have a promo & relegation idea that hasn't been mentioned yet. (And if you do please share your concept in comments.)
You only have one chance this time around so make that vote count. It's a little tougher than making toast but at least you can't drop your vote butter side down. (The only time, btw, that the five second rule doesn't apply.) Consider your options carefully. The future of paintball may depend on your vote.


Nick Brockdorff said...

Other (Ken's suggestion):

Promotion/relegation evert event

Bottom 2 Champions (last in each bracket) play off
Top 2 Challengers play off (Challengers final)

Champions loser (of playoff) goes straight down
Challengers winner (of Challengers final) goes straight up

Champions winner and Challengers loser plays off to see who plays Champions and who plays Challengers at the next event.

It combines the best of two worlds and should make most happy (at least those that still want promotion/relegation every event).

Dave Painter said...

Let me start out by saying I like Ken’s idea – sounds interesting – keeps the drama but allows for the best/worst to move up/down and then the second place finishers battle it out for that last spot – I like it.

I feel everyone (PSP, big name pro teams, etc..) didn’t realize that 10 teams in the “Champion” division was going to mean that at some point during the season a big name pro team was going to get relegated. I say surprised because of the uproar that the Russian’s have caused by dropping to the challenger bracket. Let’s just look at the simple facts – you have your top ranked teams (both in skill and budget): Dynasty, Damage, Ironmen, Infamous, Heat and Impact. You have your strong contenders: TonTons, X-Factor, Legion and Vicious (they were 3-1 at cup). That puts you at 10 teams – with relegation something is going to have to give. That means in the current format a few “Top” teams are going to fall. Then you have some upstarts looking to break into the ranks in Aftershock, XSV, CEP, Thunder and 187. That puts you at 15 already and then you throw in the mix a few strong divisional teams and something has to give for sure.

I guess everyone (or should I say the top 8) thought that the TonTons, CEP, Vicious, Aftershock, 187 and others would be trading the bottom two places all season. Wait till Chicago and see what happens there. I’ve got my guesses and it doesn’t involve 187 keeping or losing their spot – some crazy stuff is going to go down and people are going to be surprised.

And while we’re talking about how to do all the promotion/relegation – what’s going to happen at cup? Throw everyone back into one pool and duke it out to see who will be in the Champions bracket for 2014? Remember – if they had used cup as an indicator for 2013 Impact would have started the year in the Challenger bracket.

Nick Brockdorff said...

I think you are putting Legion in the wrong bracket in terms of budget, to be honest.

- I may be wrong ofcourse, but I think they may have the biggest budget of all.

All their players are full time professional athletes.

All their coaching staff is fully employed.

They fly in 1-2 weeks ahead of each event and practice daily in the US (if you take away the entry fee, that means they spend the equivalent of an event day, for 6-8 full weeks a year).

They have a team dedicated facility in Moscow, where they practice 5-6 days a week, all year round.

Now, people may (then) well wonder why they don't just go buy the top 10 players in the world, and be done with it.

But, that has never been the RL strategy... they prefer to pick up talent, and then build them into perfect russian paintball machines.

- and actually, I think that is also why they have such a big fan base.... people understand they are not just about outspending everyone.... they may have the biggest budget, but they spend it building something, instead of buying the finished product.

Dave Painter said...

Agreed - originally the list was based off of current ability to compete. Budget considerations was thown in after the fact.

I believe you're correct - the Legion has one of (most likely the #1) largest budgets out there.

Anonymous said...

I say increase it to 4. 4 teams go up, 4 teams go down.
Bring on the bloodbath.

Anonymous said...

Two up and down at every event. Challengers should be open division for anyone willing to try to get to the Champions.

Ken said...

I say decrease it to one team. Bottom 2 Champions playoff, loser drops. First place Challenger is promoted.

Maintains some event to event stability in the Champions but still gives the Challengers their shot.