Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day: Pre-PSP Chicago

Sarge and the Heat (not a great name for a band) were at the field and ready to rumble at 8am Sunday morning. The plan was the beat the Texas heat (and humidity) and get our reps in before the real heat of the day could bake us into submission. It was a good plan as we got in nearly 40 points before the Heat needed to hit the road and head back to Houston.
It was a very productive day--and yes, I know everybody always says that or something like that--and no, I don't know if everyone else who says it is lying--but in this instance it's the complete unadulterated truth. It was a big help to butt heads with the Heat and we definitely came away knowing more about the field and better prepared to compete. Given the team's desire to compete in both PSP events and NPPL events (and the NPPL's ham-fisted scheduling) I have been concerned about getting enough practice in to properly prepare for our Champions bracket prelims in the PSP. [Damn little margin for error and every match a real contest, hopefully.] In an effort to work around our self-imposed limitations we got some field time in with Dynasty at the NPPL event last Saturday and will also get in a couple of hours this coming Thursday in Chicago with the TonTons. Include this past weekend where we put in some long hours and got a lot done (with the help of the Heat) and while I always want more time I'm satisfied we are about as ready as we could possibly be given the circumstances. The event will be a real test of both our reduced prep time and the attitude and desire the team plays with. I am optimistic.
A couple of days ago on VFTD (Facebook) I asked if y'all wanted to see some fast break paintball. I was being slightly facetious at the time but the more I see of this layout the more convinced I become that at least the pro action will be something bordering on the fast and the furious much of the time. Even the slower longer points are very unlikely to draw out into the multiple minute range if one team of the two competing presses the action.
For those curious as to how Jacob (Edwards) is doing with his new team he looked today like he'd been there all along and with the recent injury to Chad George I imagine Heat is particularly happy to have Jake now.
As it turned out it was also Father's Day. Frankly I'm not a big holiday guy and as a Dad it's a lot more important to me that my kids be the kind of people I can be (and am) proud of the other 364 days of the year. Even so it's kinda nice to have a day I guess but somehow I don't think it makes up for the fact that every father in a sitcom or dad in a TV commercial is an idiot or moron who needs to be led around by a leash and told not to drool on himself the rest of the time. So there I was in Texas--off doing the paintball thing--and missed a call from my daughter only to discover early (really early) Monday morning my son had handled his filial duties on Facebook. Low effort I'll grant you but they know how I roll. Which only left me. But, but ... but I talked to my Dad on Friday. I meant to send a card--and call on Sunday but my flights got delayed and, and ... and fortunately he'll understand and not be any more offended than I would be in the same situation but even so, there's no excuse.
Much love to all the paintball Dads out there. We could use a few more.


NewPro said...

Coach,you've coached edwards before, help or hindrance, will he fit in...will he be able to replace dizon and george?

Baca Loco said...

Last part first. No I don't think Jacob replaces Ronnie or Chad directly but he does give Coach Trosen some needed flexibility in filling those gaps.
He will fit in and he will make a positive contribution to the team. The dynamic is totally different with the Heat and I think it will be good for Jacob too.

Nick Brockdorff said...

"the Heat" :D