Saturday, June 22, 2013

PSP Chicago: Day 2

Not exactly the way we (X-Factor) drew it up--the outcome of our matches today, that is. Strong starts and then we let penalties distract us and take us out of our game. We need to be mentally stronger and play every point like it's the only point. Fortunately we have tomorrow to salvage our event and maintain our Champions status.
Despite the weather delay in the afternoon it seems the PSP is getting what it hoped for from this layout. Some tightly contested matches and some big scores instead of a lot of snores. Along with the scoring there were some unexpected results too. (I'm purposefully avoiding calling any result an upset because amongst the Champions on any given day blah blah blah.) Even so an undermanned Heat putting the wood to Damage in the last match of the day was a surprise along with the Vicious win over the Ironmen. And if you thought today delivered some solid paintball action just wait--tomorrow in the Champions is gonna be a bloodbath and it will, once again, be down to the narrowest of margins to see who moves on to Sunday and who is fighting for their Champions status.
Regarding the new penalty boxes the rule coming out is that the player can't begin shooting until they enter the field of play and/or clear the box and make forward progress towards re-entering the playing field. Or something like that. But you can't, under any circumstances, shoot from inside the box out either doorway. (Spoil sports.)
Have you noticed the VIP with the big Bud Light banner? (Or has the webcast commentary included any info on the dealio?) I'ma see what I can discover tomorrow and I'll fill y'all in tomorrow.
On the injury front there was one hand injury this morning--nothing super serious--and the only one I've heard reported so far.
Looks like all the divisional Race To X prelims are complete so tomorrow should see alot of 5-man R2-2, perhaps the pump comp and some UWL. (I keep hearing talk of the UWL competition and the woods set aside for their competition but as I recall there was only 1 team that paid a UWL entry.) I'll see if I can get to the bottom of that little mystery too while I'm at it.
On the prediction front 80% of Champions matches went to score instead of time today. Not the 90% I predicted but pretty close. We'll see if tomorrow continues the trend or not.
Where can I get my very own (N.C.A.F.) Nicky Cuba Action Figure?


Nick Brockdorff said...

Raza's commercials are the bomb :D -every time there is a commercial break, you find yourself hoping one of theirs is shown.

Hijo De Baca said...

Totally agree Nick--Baca, walmart. Buy a Jon Cena action figure. That's what Todd and the boys use as his body double

Unknown said...

I love what they did with the center A - clogging up the holes with the mini races was certainly unique. Along with the old-school ladder snake, this layout is really fun to watch.