Monday, July 29, 2013

Let's Try (The Monday Poll) Again

Time to find out if Blogger has fixed its malfunctioning poll gadget. And what better time than the one event nearly every Champions team anxiously circled on the calendar at the beginning of the season after the new event-to-event relegation plan was announced. Bad enough to fall into the Challengers bracket but doubly to be avoided going into World Cup.
This time around the Champions bracket sees the return of the Russian Legion and first time Champion Top Gun. Given how evident the gap between the established pro teams and those who would join them really is I suspect the top vote recipient to be relegated will be Top Gun but after that it becomes, er, interesting.
While the Legion was the clear class of the Challengers they still must prove they can hang in the brutal and unforgiving competition of the Champions. And X-Factor and Infamous have staved off relegation twice. Vicious made a remarkable comeback to the Champions bracket in Chicago but the margin between success and failure is very small. Then there's the Ironmen who have recently cut LJ and seen Corey Bornstein leave the team at a crucial moment in the season. And while nobody expects any of the top 4 to falter it would only take one or at most two uncharacteristic losses to put any team into a fight to evade relegation.
Who will it be?


NewPro said...

are you allowedto comment on Wakes Status with Xfactor?

Anonymous said...

Should 'bubble' challenger teams (those likely to move up, but not stay up) strategically sandbag two events before cup, so they have the chance to win challengers the event before cup and move up for cup, rather than play champions the event before cup and move down?

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying if Russian Legion gets relegated this event and doesn't play World Cup I think the world might end.

plovell said...

I went ahead and didn't vote for Top Gun because i'd like to see them surprise people, though I still find it unlikely. Ironmen are having a lot of midseason drama which could hurt them, and X-Factor's been on the brink the entire season, so I can see either of those two having the dreaded result of being in the challengers bracket for Cup.

Baca Loco said...

Sure but I won't. ;)

I suppose if any of the Challengers believed they were strong enough to manipulate the bracket they might try but that would still leave them to contend with whichever teams were relegated too.
What I think we are seeing is that all the Challengers are making their best effort to prove they deserve a shot at the Champions and they'll take it whenever they can get it.