Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday World Cup Day 2

Note to PSP: If you want to make a few extra bucks rent golf carts to us old geezers and/or make paint runs for teams for $5 a trip. It's a gold mine I tell ya.
Friday was not unseasonably hot but the humidity made it uncomfortable and sticky. Otherwise it was a day filled with blue skies and sunshine as intermittent cotton tuft clouds drifted by. The venue is much as it's been the last couple of years with a grand corridor of divisional fields laid out side by side with a giant cheese wedge of vendors between the fields and the parking lots. Past the vendors and set-up end-to-end are the Challengers and Champions fields. And in the same space as last year is the 10-man field with the stand of trees by the lake that last year served as the field for the UWL competitors. (At a guess I'd say that's where they will play this year too but I don't actually know that for a fact.)
For those interested in new gear you'll see of it in advertisements on the webcast and threads and videos over at PBN. (I'm not a big gear guy but I gotta say the new scenario gun from Empire looks pretty sweet as does the "ammo box" loader from Dye for their DAM marker. And before any of y'all start carping I'm not commenting on price or value or advocating you immediately empty your piggy bank and buy on--only that they are some cool new stuff. Aight?)
There were a few surprises on the pro fields today too as the Ironmen blanked Dynasty and X-Factor knocked off Damage. Beyond that Aftershock dropped both their matches but as usual played hard and attacked, attacked attacked. There were a lot of tight matches in the morning session while Impact was the class of the afternoon session today. But nobody wins the event on Friday and odds are nothing will be decided until the final matches are played tomorrow afternoon. Over on the Challengers field XSV took a narrow win from Vicious in the bracket the TonTons would have played in. Without them participating the other teams are reduced to 3 prelim matches which magnifies the importance of a first day win over Vicious. In the other bracket only Royalty remains undefeated.
Uncharacteristically it seems the PSP wasn't quite as on top of things as usual--at least over at the Champions field. No ref tents at all today with last second delivery of a couple of tables and some ongoing issues--which now seem resolved--with the air stations. Word is the league is in process of handling the air themselves. (For those not in the know in recent years the massive portable unit provided by Paintball Central has handled the air requirements.) By our second match we weren't having any issues getting our air but we weren't getting anything like a full fill. Of course it was the same for both pits and competing teams but it did limit how much paint could be carried or shot. I've no doubt it will get dealt with but I gotta wonder why make the move at Cup--and experiment with the webcast field? Oh well. More tomorrow.

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