Friday, October 11, 2013

PBA Presents Fantasy Paintball

If you haven't checked it out yet go here immediately--or rather right after you finish reading this post. It's based on stats the PBA collects so they'll have the data necessary to assign each player's score every day. Anyway, I've no idea how well this will work but it sounds like fun and Dye is giving a pile o' new gear including a gun to the winner. And I'm going to play and as long as they keep a daily scorecard I'll post my running total on VFTD--the Facebook page--and you can see how you're doing compared to me. (And the other top scores.) It's 8 players auction style. Each player has a dollar value and your team can't exceed 25K. Read the rules carefully and put your top team together today--or tomorrow. You will need an APPA account to play so if you don't have one it's nearly painless, and free, to sign up. There are potentially a variety of strategies and it should be interesting to see what the winning strategy turns out to be. Probably blind dumb luck.
In fact, let's make this more interesting. If anyone beats the "official" VFTD score their names will go into the cyber-hat and a winner will be drawn at random who will win a free VFTD T-shirt.


Fullbore said...

Call me stupid if you like, but once you have chosen your players, how the funk do you register your APPA number against it?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, so you're telling me that Mr Anti-Establishment is all cool with the APPA sharing registration data with PBA, which is owned by Dye?

You go to the PBA/Fantasy site and immediately I'm logged in via APPA.

Unethical, in the modern digital world, but also illegal.

But other than that it's all good I guess.

Baca Loco said...

I didn't get to a page where I could pick my team until I had signed in.

And I can sign up for my ESPN fantasy football using my Facebook or Google account. Is that unethical and illegal too? It's fantasy paintball, man, lighten up.

Nick Brockdorff said...

You're going down old cow :P

Put my name in the hat already :D

Anonymous said...

Baca - permission must be granted. You just don't go to ESPN and find you are logged in as your FB account. That's a SERIOUS breach of privacy norms. I'm surprised anyone would use the "lighten up" excuse or (likely next) suggest that we should just be thankful they did all this and not complain.

All of which is besides the point. If you want to share my data, there is an easy way to do it -- ask permission. Just like google of facebook do it.

Baca Loco said...

At PBA I wasn't automatically logged in using my APPA account. I had to enter it of my own volition. Besides, FB and Google, plus all the big phone carriers and major banks have already sold us out. I guess in the great scheme of things I'm not too worried about abuses of my APPA registration.

Anonymous said...

And SMP is not owned by DYE. As a matter of fact, DYE has no ownership in SMP at all. And Dave is less of an ownership in SMP than the other people. But it's OK, keep telling the story that fits your goals no matter what the truth is. It's the paintball way.

Anonymous said...

No no, the paintball way is to obfuscate uncomfortable truth to keep the masses ignorant or at least placated.

Baca Loco said...

Have you been dropping peyote again? Of course Dye owns a big chunk of SMP. As I understand it raehl has a piece too. I still don't get the big time paranoia. Are you terrified of receiving unwanted Dye catalogues in the mail?

raehl said...


There's no data sharing. It's just some HTML-foo that frames an APPA page inside a PBA page.

If you want a more technical description, basically, your browser makes a request to the PBA server. The PBA server sends back a request with some HTML, and also instructions that tell your browser, "but fill this part of the page with HTML from over there", and your browser then sends a request to the APPA server to get that HTML and fills it in.

If you're already logged into APPA, your browser sends the APPA cookie it already has along with the request so the APPA server knows it's you, and it kicks back personalized HTML accordingly.

The APPA data is NOT coming from the PBA server.

- Chris

NewPro said...

Raehl, Its bad enough I have to listen to you preach on PBN, please press the power button on your computer immediately, your social filter or lack thereof prevents you from making your point even when you're correct.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was bitching about the data sharing and maybe I was out of line if that's the case that it's just running APPA software on the site thru a frame. So it's an APPA thing disguised as a PBA thing? Begs the question of why the APPA is running it though. Or why you need to be logged into APPA and not just make a PBA account.

raehl said...

Lots of companies don't write software in-house, just like they don't run servers in-house. And given that many people interested in fantasy would already have APPA logins, seemed like a good idea to let people use logins they already had rather than have everybody make a new one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonwithaperfectlygoodpoint,

Please save your outrage at the PSP/APPA/PBA date-sharinggate situation for if the NPPL ever do something similar. At that point you can really unleash the hate without any fear whatsoever of being accused of drug-taking or such-like.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Baca please make sure you play Jesse Stephens

Ethan said...

I'm going to ignore this ridiculous debate above me and ask a question about setting a fantasy roster.

What strategy do you lean toward?
Top dollar to producers offset by low salary players who rarely see the field
an even set of players all around the 3k dollar range?

Baca Loco said...

I tried doing some simple projections to get a sense of how this should work at least within a range of scores ..
And I went with something closer to your first option but I also took one other significant factor into consideration plus a dash of inside info. :)