Thursday, July 24, 2014

O/T Sports

I'ma try something new. When I feel like it I'm gonna post on other sports in the news. Straight up, some non-paintball posts. A couple years ago in a The Monday Poll I asked your opinion of this and some other subjects for VFTD and the majority wanted to stick with paintball. Fair enough. This time I'm not asking, I'm just going ahead and doing what I want. Read or not as you choose. Don't tell me you don't like it, I don't care. But as always if you want to comment I encourage you to do so. It won't affect the number of paintball posts and all non-paintball posts will include the "O/T" indicator in the title.
Before I get started however here's a suggestion for the PBA. If interest in fantasy paintball is flagging start a regular fantasy feature on your website and start generating some comparative player stats and content about winning strategies and other ways to be successful. A big part of the fantasy sports experience is talking about it. You need to keep potential and regular players involved between events too.
Okay, finally to today's subject. The topic is pro football (of the pigskin variety.) And more specifically the NFL's announcement of a two game suspension for Raven's RB Ray Rice. Ray, as you may recall, played the knockout game with his then fiancee in a public place and has the grainy black and white video on YouTube to help keep the memory alive. Since they subsequently married he dodged most of the potential legal consequences. Only the action of the commissioner's office remained in doubt until today. While I'm a fence sitter on the issue of any league involvement--as opposed say to the team he plays for--it's clear that the league's interest in these matters is how they might affect the league's image and not really about what Rice did at all. Otherwise how do you explain indefinite or season long suspensions for knuckleheads who mostly failed league mandated drug testing? So far in 2014 14 players have been suspended by the NFL before Rice; 12 for drugs and/or alcohol and 2 for PEDs (performance enhancing drugs.) All received longer suspensions than Rice. Not only is the league more concerned with its image, it apparently isn't concerned with collateral violence.


Anonymous said...

Football is boring. Lets talk claude giroux.

Tiffany said...

Utterly ridiculous! We have the most punitive commissioner in all of sports and he really seems to be just making it up as he goes. A few of these players live in spots where smoking pot is legal. Rice beats his wife unconscious then drags her from an elevator on freaking camera! We have the video, assault and battery is apparently worth 2 games. But using pot for pain relief instead of handfuls of team provided narcotics is worth a year long ban?

The only rule RG holds true is "don't damage the league image" and he crushes any employee who makes repeat mistakes or dares speak out.

Anonymous said...

"To learn who rules over you,simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" Voltaire.
Basiclly,the players are employees of the NFL and not so much to the team.

Terry Wilson-Sowah said...

My mom always taught me not to put my hands on other people, without expecting them to put their hands on me.

Rice received a token suspension to mollify the mindless masses that would most definitely complain about a weak suspension, but would continue to spend their money on the league while doing so...instead of any sort of possible boycotts over a perceived lack of action.