Monday, July 21, 2014

The Monday Poll

The State of the Game survey isn't working out too well. I knew it wouldn't but even so I had hopes this time--or more correctly, that time--things would turn out differently and you slackers might get involved and discover you kinda enjoyed it. Wishful thinking, I know. Anyway I still have questions and you still have answers even if you're not inclined to take a minute or two to comment. Which leaves us with the return of The Monday Poll--which on occasion gets a decent response.
This Monday Poll is, drum roll please, for the first time anywhere, a three-parter--go big or go home--that is focused on competitive play. VFTD wants to know what division you compete at; whether you compete locally, regionally or nationally and how much you spend every season to make your paintball dreams a reality.
The top of the poll will list divisions of play. Pick only the highest level you compete at regularly. (For our Euro friends choose the division you would compete under in the PSP.) One answer only for part one.
Part two will list local, regional, national and international. Again, pick only one and choose the highest level applicable in the last year.
Part three will list ranges for money spent on paintball. Pick the one that comes closest to your annual spending. Consider everything you pay for to play when calculating your approximate expenditure.
There you have it. Three sections, three answers, one for each section. Surely clicking your mouse a couple three times isn't a huge inconvenience and not outside your aptitude--since you're already using a computer, tablet or phone.
Surprise me, blow this Monday Poll up. 


Anonymous said...

First time in my 7 years of nonstop national tournaments did I realize what I spent yearly for paintball. Jesus

Tiffany said...

Grinding is a very large chunk of your income and very few find it sustainable. As a former national tournament player traveling to and from Alaska, 10k was well below my yearly totals for a solid 6-7 year run. In retrospect, perhaps I should have paid to finish college instead. Maybe I could still support a 10-20k a year habit. But I'm turning 38 this month, local at less than 3k is all I can swing now.
But we all grow and want different things. I certainly didn't want to be 40 with nothing to show but a dream I'd chased.