Thursday, July 31, 2008

Americans quit Super 7

Not all the Americans, just the Philly (or is it Pittsburgh?) Americans. The only interesting things about this are a) what's the NPPL gonna do, b) by quitting is their Pro spot revoked (Did they try to sell it or give it away?) and c) why was it Tim M. fronted the press release?
Didn't expect c), did you? Well, sadly that's the sort of peculiar detail I fixate on. Seriously, does anyone think Jason and the boyz sat down and decided they weren't able to perform at their best with so many committments and that 7-man just had to be sacrificed? Me either. But why Tim? Would an official press release from SP have been viewed differently?
While it is undeniable that relegation would be an embarrassment it doesn't explain the decision. Hey, they elected to keep committments with the AXBL and SPPL instead of the NPPL. There's an obvious answer here and a not so obvious speculation.
'Kay, so what does NPPL do now? Gotta fill that spot or else the Pro Div is left with a short bracket and byes.
Oh, oh, I know! I know! Reward Spyder's loyalty and bring BC up to finish the season. Is there still a BC? Are they still sponsored by Spyder/Kingman/whatever? The team wasn't at Buffalo.
It'll be interesting to see what comes next at any rate.


Anonymous said...

It was a bold move to quit, but a strange way to do it thru a pb forum, with a non oficial atitude of doing things. Probably a way of not burning a bridge between SP and NPPL, they can't lie and tell they don't have money like some other teams.
The A's are sucking bigtime in the 7 man format and really need to start pulling their weight around and bring back some results.
They won the 2003 and 2004 NXL championships, and besides Texas 06, they have struggled every time to even get a sunday spot.
J.J. said...

Bad Company is still competing in the NPPL (although at select events) and are still Kingmans Premier team. The team is doing something similar to joy in that they are traveling the world to compete in different leagues to better promote the line.

It will definitely be interesting to see how Tom Cole responds to the "fill in the blank" offer the NPPL is being forced to make. Nothing like a free pro spot two seasons in a row for BC!