Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The PSP's Redheaded Stepchild

Otherwise known as D1. No, I'm not saying anything bad about the participating teams--just the lack of teams participating in this division. And I'm asking a question--why, how come, where is everybody? Once upon a time teams aspired to be the best they could be and prove themselves at the highest level possible. Nowadays it seems like the league has to force teams up the ladder of success. What gives?
Perhaps a more relevant question is: Does it matter that D1 struggles to get double digits?
I happen to think it does because I also think it retards movement in the lower divisions and so far the league has addressed these concerns by treating the symptoms and not the cause. IMHO
So what do you think? If lack of D1 participation is a problem what's the solution?
I have a few ideas of my own but you guessed that, right? However, out of the kindness of my heart (and limited time at the mo) I'm giving you first shot. Here's a hint or three, when I address this issue I'll be starting with the APPA classification system and the current PSP rules. And, no, I've got no issues with APPA at all. (Why, oh why the constant suspicion?) It's the best most transparent system there is.
Anyway, first person to solve the D1 Situation gets to be Lane Wright For A Day. What'd'ya mean that's worse than a no prize?

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Five Finger Bullet said...

Openly mocking the dominant teams in the media until they decide to make the jump? As I recall, in the olden days, that's how PCRI and PGI used to handle it.

I'll take my star now, thank you.