Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wild Pony Sighting

During the prelims at the recent Buffalo NPPL event Chris LaSoya let loose with a tirade from the deadbox on the Spyder field that resulted in the tent covering being ripped down while Chris expressed his unhappiness with a certain amount of high decibel invective aimed at pretty much everyone within earshot.
Now I'm not put out at all by Chris's tirade, it's cool with me. But not with the NPPL. (Unless you happen to be Chris, apparently.)
They made that abundantly clear at the Pro captain's meeting when they passed out a page entitled NPPL Rulebook Amendments (2008) that added a new suspendable offense and altered the penalty for a different infraction. The new 3-game suspension applies to any failure to place your marker in the cradle before proceeding to the deadbox. You see, in Jax a few peeps got suspensions for dropping markers onto the cradles --it was apparently ruled to be a form of throwing--so it is now a new suspendable offense. And you may have heard about a bit of sideline coaching that occurred in Jax, too, and according to the rules in force during the Jax event any team caught sideline coaching would receive an immediate 1-4-1 penalty. Thing is the offending team wasn't caught--except on video that ended up on You Tube--so the NPPL changed the penalty to a 6 game player suspension and applied the new penalty in Buffalo. For those scoring at home that would be a retroactive application of a rule that didn't exist when the offense occurred. But those videos sure did make the league look incompetent.
There are a couple of ways of looking at these changes. One, the league is learning as it goes along and acting when they see a needed amendment. Another way of looking at it is the league is not only unwilling to acknowledge its own past errors but is using its power to punish anyone who runs afoul of the league. You decide but here's one more bit of info.
Remember the Pony incident? Where does it fit in with the latest edition of the rules? Verbal Abuse maybe under 23.04? But what about the tenting? Or conceivably 21.07 under Embarrassing, Dangerous or Destructive Behavior? I can't find a specific tearing the tenting off the deadbox offense so maybe it will be added for next event. Or maybe not.
Yeah, turns out Chris is a recent high profile hire of Pacific Paintball which owns and operates the NPPL.

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