Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm sure it doesn't matter to anyone

but me. Even so, I'd like to clarify an impression some may have gotten from the multi-talented Mr. Showers PSP Chicago event report in the latest PGi. In talking about TB Damage it seemed to me that some readers might conclude the pro team was built with pro players, which is only partly correct. The 5 established pros on the roster all played at one time with Strange and 3 of them moved to the pro Raiders. That left six players from TBD who moved up to pro and won an event in their third pro event ever. And I'm not setting the record straight (no harm, no foul, Brandon) but I did want to make sure the kids got their due as well because they damn well earned it.

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Five Finger Bullet said...

See, now we get into the gray area of: are clones of pro players pro player themselves?

Everyone knows those kids came out of an Easy-Bake oven in some underground laboratory. Therefore making them sand-baggers until this year - A-HA! Teams just don't win events in their first year pro, Cow... well, except X-Factor, and maybe Impact..... AAAHHH! CLONES! THE PRO LEAGUES ARE INFESTED WITH CHEATING-ASS CLONE ARMIES!