Monday, February 22, 2010

The Monday Poll

Now that we know both the Millennium and the NPPL will allow 50 cal guns & paint to be used side-by-side with standard 68 cal guns & paint the results should give everyone a good idea of what to expect from 50 cal in the future--at least in the context of competitive paintball. Today's poll question asks you to predict what that result will be.
Introducing 50 cal to competitive paintball will ...

Monday Poll in Review
Last week's poll question asked you to predict the turnout for this year's upcoming HB event. Fun, conclusive of nothing, little more than a snapshot of opinion the results were nearly a bell curve except for a slight weighting toward a more negative result. As many voters predicted 100+ teams as predicted the event would be called off. The mid-ground was the dominant vote getter pulling 35% of the vote and while being in no way scientific one might conclude there are more hopeful potential competitors out there than the run-of-the-mill internet chatter might suggest--including that of VFTD. 62% predicted more than 50 teams would play but at the same time 71% predicted less than 75 would play. The seeming is discrepancy due to the large middle range vote that is counted both ways. The only certainty is that we'll all know in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Allowing .50 cal is about as significant as allowing lead-soled shoes. Nobody who wants to win will use either.

Besides, wouldn't you need to be able to buy a .50 cal gun in order to shoot .50 cal? I can't imagine there is this huge drive for .50 use given all zero players out there with .50 cal equipment.

anonachris said...

I'm a big proponent of 50cal, but I think especially in a pro environment, it will be hard to succeed it teams are using both.

Players already try to blame their loss on everything from their hopper, barrel, tank, ref, rules, cheaters, etc.

Now imagine if you have a close game, where the 50cal team loses by a point. I think players will start to wonder if that tiny bit of extra range, that bounce, or maybe if that hit was a little bigger and more difficult to wipe, etc. would have made the difference.

The only way 50cal can overcome this is to sponsor a team that can come out and consistently win using it.

In essence I'm saying, even if there are no adverse performance consequences, losers will perceive them and search for where to lay the blame anyway.

Anonymous said...

And what if there are significant adverse performance consequences?

anonachris said...

Agree... if there are its even worse. I'm just saying best case there are none and people will still blame it (or at least wonder) when they lose.

Of course, this is a little exaggerated. I don't think its the end of the world if they are able to get some consistently good performing teams to use it.

Anonymous said...

One thing NPPL has going for them is lacking any prizes for Pro, a few bucks from GI to shoot .50 cal is a better deal than winning.

Tugais said...
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Baca Loco said...

Why are you a big proponent? I'm (Mr.) curious.

NPPL looking to have a pro prize package this season though I don't know if it's certain or contingent.

Thanks. Got a site to aim us at or more info, like who?

Seems like a bit of conflict for TonTon as last I heard Dye wasn't pursuing 50 cal at all and they will need retrofit kits for their NTs.

Baca Loco said...

Too late! :)